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DIY: Make lamp from old coffee cups

Shabby Chic fans will love this lamp!
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Nice shine

Shabby Chic fans beware, this charming lamp with a foot of old coffee cups should not be missing in your home. Here is the guide.

You need this for the lamp:

  • M10 threaded tube brass 70 mm (hardware store)
  • E27 Lampholder brass (hardware store)
  • PVC lamp cable white 2.50 m (hardware store)
  • Numeric stamp (craft shop)
  • 2 hex nuts metal brass raw 14x 3 M10x1 (hardware store)
  • 2 E27 lower ring screw ring metal brass 56x13 mm for metal frame (hardware store)
  • Schuko plug white 250V / 16A VDE (hardware store)
  • Lampshade ΓΈ 29 (Ikea)
  • old porcelain, three cups, two saucers, a vase, a cake plate (flea market)
  • porcelain drill
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue
  • phase tester

And that's how easy it is:

1. Carefully drill holes in the center of each piece of porcelain using the porcelain drill. Drill a hole in the lower cup on the side so that the cable can be led out at the side.

2. Glue the individual pieces of porcelain together with hot glue, except for the cup for the frame.

3. Screw the M10 threaded tube to the E 27 bulb socket.

4. Connect the cable to the terminals in the socket.

5. Using the two hex nuts, screw the lamp thread tube to the cup and the first sub-ring onto the socket screws.

6. Using a wire attached to the cable with adhesive tape, pull the cable through the glued together porcelain parts.

7. Stick the cup on the already glued together parts.

8. Connect the cable to the terminals in the connector.

9. Finally, attach the lampshade and attach the second ring.

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