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Get more confidence? These ten sentences help.

A healthy self-confidence is important in every area of ​​life.
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A healthy self-confidence is important in every area of ​​life.

We all know our own mean self-doubts that stalk us regularly and often bring us great opportunities. These ten phrases help you to permanently strengthen your self-confidence!

I can do everything I want.

A clear sentence that brings clear results. Anyone who loudly or quietly proclaims this phrase several times a day strengthens their belief in themselves and brings down the inner critic . Because if you do not believe in yourself, nobody will!

I am grateful for everything I have.

Perhaps you now think: Excuse me, should I be grateful for the bad things in my life? Yes, exactly that! For it is the bad experiences that allow us to mature inwardly and ultimately help us to progress.

I consider myself and the others lovingly.

Fixing yourself on the mistakes of other people and always complaining is certainly very easy. Especially because you will always find a hair in the soup. But have you ever noticed that such people often do not have a good picture of themselves? That's why you try to treat others' mistakes and character weaknesses more leniently - then you will also rate yourself more positively.

I let myself be motivated by the successes of other people.

The best friend is happily forgiven and the colleague moves past you professionally. And you? Sitting alone at home without a friend and with less salary? Then try harder and be really self-critical. Maybe the colleague has not just sympathy points with the boss, but really worked harder. And maybe her negative thinking blocks the start of a new relationship. Do not fret, change!

I break away from my past.

There are stressful experiences from your past, maybe even from childhood? If you regularly throw the events back in everyday life, then in any case let professional help. Be it through a therapist or a professional coaching. Not all problems can be solved alone and it is always ok to say that you need help.

I stay calm and relaxed.

Someone presses you on the road or in the professional life is again put a lot of pressure on you? Immediately stop internally! Stay cool and mentally push a glass wall between yourself and the drainpipe. Because everything finds its time and quality should always go before quantity.

I know my needs and express them.

Do you really know what you need? Many people are not aware of this and if so, those needs are not clearly expressed. But the other people may know you so well, your thoughts will never be guessed. Always say what you need, in a loving way.

I got everything I need.

Through this sentence, you are putting things into your lives that may still be missing. It's the set of efficiency : working with what you have, right where you are. Change is always and everywhere possible, no matter where you are by whatever means.

I allow changes.

Most people lock themselves against necessary changes until they come from outside by force on you. Do not wait any longer than necessary and make any necessary changes so that you, like animals in their habitat, can ensure their continued existence.

I know what I want and what I'm worth.

You clearly say what you want and what you are worth. No apology, no endless justifications, no comparisons to others. You stand for yourself, you are always your own business and your own brand. Anyone who positions himself clearly quickly earns the respect of others and is immediately taken seriously. Especially in salary negotiations an important point!