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Uschi Glas: Why she is our big darling today

A smile to fall in love with: Uschi Glas
Photo: Getty Images

45 years ago, she made a single movie famous

Does not she look beautiful? Still those brown doe eyes, a slight smile on their lips. In 1968, the film is released in the cinemas, whose title everyone still knows today: "To the point, sweetheart". And that was how Uschi Glas became famous.

After that, the Bavarian (69) born a real career - and has remained our big darling to this day. Because she is not only a great actress - but also a great, strong woman. She looks ahead, not back

Many felt sorry for her when, after more than 20 years in 2002, her marriage to Bernd Tewaag (67) broke up - the whole nation learned that he had cheated on her with a sausage seller. Divorce 2003. Today she says: "That shakes you to the ground, but eventually you have to get up and look ahead."

She is proud of her three children - including son Benjamin (36), who has often come into conflict with the law. Low blows for a mother. However, fate rewarded her for some grief: In 2005 she married the management consultant Dieter Hermann (60). Uschi Glas: "I was not looking - and then, very slowly, love crept back into my life ..." We are happy for her!