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Easter menu recipes: sweet and savory recipe ideas

Waxy eggs wrapped in coconut and rusk on spinach salad with melted tomatoes and frisée
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Easter is the delicious highlight of the holidays. Dine to your heart's content: as much and as long as you want. Asparagus and spinach. Radishes and mangetouts. Also rhubarb and apples are now season. Access seasonal products. They are not only cheaper but also taste better. A rich green goes perfectly with fish, meat and side dishes of any kind. A bright red looks dreamily to a light cream easy.

Three courses are the classic, five a bit more exquisite. Always remember: good preparation is everything. A flowchart helps to keep track. You can prepare many of our recipes the day before. Soups and desserts are great to cool and develop their full flavor after a long time. Our recipes for a delicious Easter menu are for both hobby and professional chefs.

In the company of the family or together with friends - our sweet and savory recipes make everyone happy. And best of all, you do not even have to search for the culinary highlights of Easter cuisine . We have put together the most delicious recipes for you. You decide how big and expensive your Easter menu will be . We prefer to move the search out into the garden .