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FatePatrick Duffy: The unbelievable crime on his family

Dallas star Patrick Duffy: double murder for 100 euros. The terrible pictures, the phone call informing him about the death - and then the sad farewell ...

Dallas star Patrick Duffy
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Dallas star Patrick Duffy (60) can not forget the incredible crime on his family: why were his parents cruelly murdered by two teenagers? For what reason can people be so cruel? Why did fate hit his innocent parents? It's always the same questions that go through Patrick Duffy's mind, follow him. He has not found any answers yet.

The Dallas star: "It was a cut in the soul. I only cried. Was destroyed. "It was on November 18, 1986, when the horror entered his life.

Patrick Duffy played in the TV series Dallas the kind-hearted Bobby Ewing. Then the evil struck him: Patrick Duffy's parents, Terence († 66) and Marie († 63), were shot in their bar "The Lounge" in the Northwest of the United States by two 17-year-olds with a shotgun. The couple died immediately. The perpetrators, Kenneth Miller and Anthony Wrentz, took out $ 80 from the till, which was about $ 100 at the time, and fled.

For a long time, the actor found no peace. Two lives for a handful of bills - Patrick Duffy met this incredible murder in its deepest, and the memories of it have not left him to this day.

The Dallas star: "The crime on my parents is still very much present to me. I will never forget them, they were the most valuable people for me. "

The fact that the perpetrators were caught by the police and sentenced to a long prison sentence was only a small consolation. The big void after such a drama - every person has to be careful not to devour him.

Patrick Duffy: "I could not handle death, I do not want to." For a long time he suffered from insomnia, nightmares and depression. Only with the help of his wife Carlyn (67) and his faith did he manage to overcome his inner turmoil: "I have shown little mourning to the outside world. But inside, in the family, I've mourned intensely. "Patrick Duffy then moved with Carlyn and his sons Padraic (34) and Conor (28) to the countryside, bought in Oregon in complete seclusion, a ranch on which he still lives today,

After all these years of doubt, his thoughts slowly began to calm again. Meanwhile, he has even forgiven the perpetrators: " I pray for them and their souls . It must be people with great problems who commit such acts. "But even if his heart can forgive, the 18th of November will always be a sad day of remembrance for him, for a lifetime.