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Gift wrap to Santa Claus

  • Felt in red and white (craft shop)
  • Mini pompon in white (craft shop)
  • sweets
  • Label, self-adhesive (household goods)
  • bottle
  • Paper and pen
  • scissors
  • pins
  • Sewing machine with yarn
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue

1. Draw contours of the pointy cap on paper (here ∅ the bottle opening: approx.

4 cm; Width of cap opening: approx. 8 cm) and cut out.

2. Transfer contours with pencil once to the red felt.

3. Overlay the red and twice the white felt once. On top of it put the red felt with the outline and stick all the layers together.

4. Quilt the contour with the machine.

5. Cut out the cap just beside the seam.

6. Turn over the opening of the cap once, so that the white felt is visible on the outside.

7. Stick a mini pompom to the tip with hot glue.

8. Fill the bottle with candies and pull the cap over the neck of the bottle.

9. Label the label and stick it on the bottle.

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