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Everyone wants to know where these two are!

This picture made the photographer of the engagement!
Photo: Jen Hurd Bohn / Facebook

Help to find this couple!

A photographer happened to witness an engagement. Now she is looking for the couple to show them the beautiful photos!

Paris is considered a city of love. Countless couples climb the Eiffel Tower together to enjoy the view over the city. So it's no wonder that Jen and her husband Jeff also take the sightseeing on their city trip - with the camera of course. But what they observe on their peak surpasses their highest expectations.

Because arrived at the top is the most romantic not the great view. Jen and Jeff happen to be witnesses of a touching engagement! A young man had, romantic it hardly goes, the Eiffel Tower selected as a place to make his girlfriend a marriage proposal. As they spy on the couple, Jen pulls out the camera and holds the engagement.

But since they do not want to disturb the private situation, they stay in the background. Back in the home, Jen takes another look at the photos. Now the photographer decides to look for the couple! After she accidentally witnessed the engagement, she wants to give them the recordings as a reminder.

On Facebook, she shares the romantic photos and tries to locate the couple. So now the whole Internet is involved in the search for the couple who got engaged on 21.06.2015 in Paris! Good luck!