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Men's HealthHormone fluctuations: menopausal women

Does the partner prefer to go through all TV channels instead of going out with us? Is he lying on the couch for weeks and then signing up for marathon training? Does he suddenly want to drive a convertible, even though the Opel has served well in the garage for 20 years? Then he could be in menopause!

Only women can get into menopause? Mistake! Even men can suffer from hormone fluctuations from the mid-50s.
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  1. How a lack of testosterone arises
  2. What sensitive specialists do
  3. When drugs are useful
  4. How we can support him
  5. Why action movies are so healing
  6. Hormone changes: menopause - the symptoms

What has long been smiled at as a so-called mid-life crisis and dismissed, researchers can explain today exactly: Even men go through a hormonal change - and every fifth mid-50 feels the side effects of menopause. When the hormone level drops, the lack of testosterone makes your hair thin and your muscles slack. Suddenly she is there: the fear of losing all energy and potency. She can drive our men crazy. They either become couch potato or lapse into blind actionism.

Of course, conflicts are inevitable. Understanding makes it easier to get through the phase well. If in doubt, medication, but certainly small help.

How a lack of testosterone arises

The brain sends the signal to release hormones. One of them stimulates certain testicular cells in men that produce testosterone. With increasing age, the hormone release decreases, while the activity of the testes decreases.

In addition, there are more special protein compounds (so-called globulins) in the blood that neutralize the testosterone. This creates a testosterone deficiency, which can push men on the mood. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to check this value.

Today is very discreet. For example with a saliva test that reliably displays hormone status. Available for example in the pharmacy for about 27 euros or just to order on the Internet.

What sensitive specialists do

There are physicians who have put their focus on men's health. They specialize in the topic of male menopause and not only diagnose but also have conversations between men and women about problems in private and professional life.

In addition, they carry out quite inexpensive blood tests (from 20 euros), which provide information on whether possibly the administration of testosterone preparations makes sense.

When drugs are useful

At a testosterone level below twelve nanomoles per liter (nmol / l), hormone therapy may be useful. The gentler method is to apply T gel daily to the skin itself.

However, the doctor can also administer a long-acting testosterone syringe every twelve months. Studies have shown that many men feel more efficient through the therapy. They are in a better mood, they are more in the mood for sex and their metabolism gets back into shape.

But the gift of testosterone also carries risks. For example, it can have an adverse effect on the heart and prostate. Men who are strained to relapse should not use hormone therapy.

How we can support him

Even if the new sports program of the loved one seems ambitious - nothing does him better in this time, than to power up. Strength training is particularly effective, which boosts testosterone production. But also jogging or swimming is suitable, because when the body releases happiness hormones, the sleep disturbance or a certain irritation works well.

Now is the time for a change in diet. The leaner the man, the more testosterone he produces. It is mainly the bad stomach fat that turns testosterone into estrogens.

That's why he needs the intake of protein now. So please do not delete the meat or the scrambled eggs from the menu. Because high-quality proteins reduce the number of globulins that neutralize the testosterone.

Why action movies are so healing

For the sake of us, let's avoid the love romance in the cinema. Reason: Researchers were able to prove that exciting thrillers or action films in particular boost the testosterone production in men.

Hormone fluctuations: menopausal women - the symptoms


Sweats, increased sensitivity to heat, sleep disorders or an increased need for sleep are signs. In addition, a faster weight gain, because the testosterone deficiency slows the metabolism. The men clearly lose muscle mass.


Men are very irritable in this phase, they suffer from emotional fluctuations, inner restlessness, they find it difficult to concentrate.


They barely feel like sex and suffer from erectile dysfunction. Therefore, it can happen that the partnership stresses and distracts them emotionally from the partner.


Men feel lethargic, impotent. Often they are looking for new hobbies or status symbols to counteract the loss of power.

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