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If men had their days: Video about menstruation

Photo: Screenshot / Offkey World

Unpleasant days

What if men had their days? A funny video recreates male menstrual cramps and how men would suffer.

Understanding the monthly days of discomfort, emotional outbursts and bad moods is usually rather low. This video could significantly change the male attitude to menstrual cramps. Because that shows that men would suffer at least as much if they had their days.

If the football game is not the way you want it, tears will suddenly rise in your eyes. Of course, the question of whether a man cries is negated. If then also the milk should be empty, with man is no longer joking. Doors are banged and the next emotional outburst is about to happen. A simply not wanting to sit hairstyle is enough to ruin the day. The men in the video must have watched their women very well, because they mimic the menstrual pain not only funny, but also quite authentic.

Granted, women can become quite unbearable once a month. After this video, however, their men will understand, because deep inside they know that they themselves would be even more obnoxious. With a hot cup of tea, she still likes to endure the monthly days rather than a man with menstrual cramps . The funny video shows: On the unpleasant days both games clearly suffer.


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