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Magic Wire: Gentle hold for big breasts

Photo: Triumph

The BH Magic Wire supports without rigid metal straps tested Triumph's BH Magic Wire. The trick with this model: it has no metal strap and still offers a lot of support.

Who is blessed as a woman with big breasts , can actually be very happy. They look beautiful and attract many men magically. But the search for a really well fitting bra is really difficult.

Where women with small breasts can choose from just plain silk or cotton or lace in between many beautiful lingerie, women with big breasts torment themselves with rigid metal constructions.

After three hours with a bra with a metal hanger, we then get this stinging just under the armpit, where the end of the stirrup drills into the skin. Not nice. In the evening, the temples are often characterized as red bruises. Sexy is different.

Now there is a new bra from Triumph to solve this problem: the Magic Wire . The name alone sounds promising.

The Magic Wire is made of silicone and offers the same support with special mesh materials as a bra with ironing. Silicone does not sound good, but feels really good. The fabric is nice and soft and the fit is very good. It is a little more solid under the breasts, so the supporting contour is created. Extra plus: There is no nipple alarm, the cups are padded thick enough - but without these creepy push-up pads, which are sewn into too many bras today. The bra can be worn wonderfully over the day, nothing pokes or pushes. If the closure were not a classic hook and eye closure on the back, the bra would be perfect!

Even the first wash survives the Magic Wire with flying colors. The supporting parts have retained their shape and the fabric still looks just as good.

With about 38 euros, the MagicWire is not cheap, to find the perfect size, we therefore recommend trying this bra in a store or to order a bit more generous in the distance. It is available until cup size F.

To order? Here's Magic Wire:

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