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Touching photo project 'Rainbow Babies': The story behind this photo shoot brings tears to our eyes

The story behind these colorful mum photos with their 'Rainbow Babies'? All women suffered a miscarriage before their mother's happiness.

'Rainbow Baybs': These six women all had a miscarriage before becoming moms

These photos make goose bumps. Not only because the six fresh mothers with their colorful dresses are breathtakingly beautiful in front of the magical setting and the four 'Rainbow Babies ' in the photo are simply sweet-sweet. No, the colorful photos are noteworthy above all for one thing that you would not even see at first glance: All of the six women who beam their babies with joy into the camera had already had a miscarriage before they became mum,

The idea of ​​capturing mums with their 'Rainbow Babies' (as babies call themselves after a miscarriage that was 'sent from heaven', so to speak) came from photographer Alex Bolen of Shutter Darling Photography during her own pregnancy. As probably all mothers-to-be, Alex also dealt with possible complications during her pregnancy and eventually came up with the topic of miscarriage.

"I came up with the ideas to shoot six unique stories, " Alex says in an interview about her photography project, "I want to give hope to women who have suffered such a loss and encourage them to keep trying." There's always a spark Hope."

Looks like Alex can do it: the picture the photographer posted on Facebook has now reached 26, 000 likes and has been shared more than 20, 000 times.

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