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Summer styles 2011 for every figure

Without model dimensions, you will quickly reach your limits when styling, especially in summer. Because short skirts, dresses and shorts uncover small figure blemish mercilessly.

Photo: JOY
  1. What you should avoid
  2. What you should avoid
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And the color white presents a very special challenge. Four JOY reader models show how you can advantageously trick.

Type apple

In this type, the problem zone is in the middle of the body: Here the pads concentrate with little or no waist. We show you how to use the right styling to emphasize your chocolate sides and simply conceal curves.

You will find the right summer styling in the gallery (14 pictures)!

Maxi skirts and waist shorts form a favorable silhouette. Eye-catching shirts and sophisticated cuts distract the eye from the problem areas. Shaping laundry helps in addition!

What you should avoid

Less optimal are tight tops that emphasize the belly in addition. Instead, opt for long blouses and wrap tops with a loose fit.

Type pear

The pear-type is narrow at the top and stronger at the bottom: A slender upper body is in contrast to full hips and round thighs. With our styling tips you make up for this difference again.

The optimal styling for the pear type you can see in the gallery (14 pictures)!

A wide skirt plays around the thighs, while a wide boat neckline adapts to the proportions of slender shoulders. Eye-catching color and pattern accents additionally draw the gazes upwards.

What you should avoid

Less suitable are tight-fitting shorts that emphasize strong thighs and cut at the hem.

Type small

Petite women, who are also small, are fast to girlish. In our styling tips we reveal how you can compensate with a few tricks length and proportions.

Great styling ideas for small sizes can be found in the gallery (14 images)!

Empiretic waist dresses emphasize delicate figures and make the body appear longer. Deep V-Necks stretch in addition.

What you should avoid

Not a good idea are white lace dresses or little bunnies that make you look even more childlike.

Type plus size

Lush curves with eye-catching pads on the stomach and thighs help loose cuts and flowing fabrics. We reveal the best styling tricks.

You can see even more styling tips in the gallery (16 pictures)!

Strong calves can be easily hidden under the fashionable maxi dresses. Long, straight skirts flatter the figure.

You should avoid that

Rather unfavorable are tight, white skirts that emphasize the hips and thighs. Instead, prefer to grab another, loose-fitting models.

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