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Miley Cyrus spreads her legs - in a bikini

Miley Cyrus holds in the crotch

She just can not leave it! Miley Cyrus likes to get in the public eye between her legs lately.

Miley Cyrus in a bikini
Photo: Miley Cyrus / Instagram

Bikini on and off the beach: Miley Cyrus apparently enjoys her free time between the individual "Bangerz" tour performances. On March 19, 2014, she showed her fans on Instagram how to relax in the midst of all the stress. Of course, that does not work for the singer without being provocative.

Even more stars in bikinis shows the gallery:

We know that the singer stretches her tongue into the camera as often as possible. Recently, the grip between the legs is also one of the typical poses of the 21-year-olds. Also in this picture Miley Cyrus spreads his thighs again. We think sexy is definitely something else.

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