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We Are Knitters "in an interview: Europe's new scam

The knit interview

Somehow they made it: instead of ready-made clothes, Fashionista buys fissured globs in the colors "Lipstick Red", "Space Black" or "Magic Mint". The US label "Wool and the Gang" sold its "Crazy Sexy Wool" with witty names in 2008, nicely presented to some trendy girls, and knitting was back in fashion.

The Spaniards Pepita MarĂ­n (25) and Alberto Bravo (25) now want to supply Europe with style from the bag. Her fashion label " We Are Knitters " manufactures knit kits, which in addition to instructions, wool and needles, especially many modern DIY looks.

For us, the two knitting enthusiasts briefly laid down the needles and talked about the rediscovered charm of handicrafts, trendy stitch designs and the texture of good wool.

Why is knitting chic and trendy again?

This has something to do with our current way of life: the internet, smartphones, computers, everything has become impersonal. When knitting, you create something with your own hands and see the result immediately. The fact that stars like Sarah Jessica Parker or Julia Roberts were knit on the film set also helped. Incidentally, a timeless style icon like Audrey Hepburn also knitted in some of her films!

What is the symbolism of knitting and the whole DIY movement? Is this just individualism? Why is that so important for young people?

Do it yourself helps young people to be proud of themselves as soon as they have finished a piece. Besides, it is of course very individual. If you give friends or relatives something homemade, this person also feels special and loved. Do it yourself is not something that people naturally integrate into their everyday lives. Except us, of course.

How crucial is this DIY idea for your brand? How important is it for modern consumers?

The DIY movement is growing every day. Thus, this flow is also becoming increasingly important for an increasing number of consumers. " We Are Knitters " is 100 percent DIY. We give each customer the equipment, but ultimately everyone has to knit.

What influences your knit styles?

Our looks are very minimalistic. Life is complicated enough, so we like simple designs. We try to create pieces that can be mixed with his personal style. Very sentimentally New York has a great influence on our work. We both lived there and every Knit kit is named after a building, an avenue or a park in the city. NYC stays in our hearts forever!

What is the idea behind your Knit Kits?

We just want to keep it simple so that many people can knit our designs. Our kits are available in different levels, from the absolute beginner to the advanced, but even the most difficult ones are designed so that even knit debutants can dare to follow the instructions. Beanies, snoods, sweaters, scarves, all with our touch: the special wool.

When did you learn to knit? What irritated you?

That was during our time in New York. The trend was just so huge that you could not get past it. At the beginning rather a kind of pastime, it quickly became a passion. And when we realized that knitting in Europe was not that pronounced yet, we started "We Are Knitters".

How long have you needed to perfect your technique? What was hardest for you?

To learn to knit, you need patience and practice. It is tricky to internalize the hand movements. But from then on, it goes by like alone!

Which piece do you prefer to knit?

We love snoods. They are incredibly easy to knit and great to wear. Our favorite tube scarf in the collection is the "Soho's Snood". Another favorite is the new "Hudson Shirt", the little bobbles are so chic and stylish.

What is your favorite part in designing?

We love to experiment with different techniques. It's always fun to see what can happen once you combine different manipulations. Sometimes something goes wrong, sometimes not. Most of all we like oversized designs and with thick wool it's easy to make such results. Our next goal: to mix wool with different thicknesses.

Which knit designer do you admire?

We are big fans of Stella McCartney. She has always been a great inspiration. And we LOVE Balmain's last fall / winter collection. A great idea to combine knitwear with crystals. The result is excellent. In streetwear we are following the label "Yooko". Her designs are unrestrainedly cool.

Which " We Are Knitters " piece has what it takes to become a classic?

A future basic of our current collection will probably be the "Soho's Snood" or the "Sienna Beanie". Both have a simple design, which inspires many.

What was the most extraordinary part someone ever made of your wool?

Probably the play of a friend she knitted a few months ago. She is totally infatuated with her Dalmatian, so she knit him a red mini-cape for the winter. The dog looks like a four-pawed Little Red Riding Hood!

What kind of wool do your kits contain? Origin, look and feel?

Our wool comes from the plateaus of Peru, a country known for its top wool quality. There is a special climate and the conditions are perfect for the sheep. The wool is very thick, so great and fast to knit. We also only choose natural colors, unlike traditional wool. All this leads to a trendy, coarse and soft knitwear.