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Sara Nuru and her sister: Who is who?

Sara Nuru sister

Well, dear Sara Nuru fans, who cracks the nut? We show a picture that is truly in itself: Which of the two beautiful ladies is our Sara - and which one is her sister Sali?

Sara Nuru sister
Photo: @saranuru on Instagram, Getty Images

"Finally finished the work !!! The big sister is watching, "wrote Sara Nuru on this photo from June 16, 2014 on Instagram (@saranuru on Instagram). That the GNTM winner 2009 has three sisters, we already knew. But did you know that her sister Sali looks so much like her?

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At least we can hardly see a difference between the two pretty ones in this photo. The great brown eyes with the mischievous wink, which already enraptured Heidi & Co. The distinguished-elegant features, the straight nose, the charming laugh ... Yes, you can see that the two are sisters. But do you see which sister is which? Little tip: One of them has just done a model job - and you can tell!

Incidentally, even Sister Susann is not forgotten and thoughtful with the words: "We are waiting for you!" If Susann is just as delightful as Sali and Sara Nuru: we too!

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