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Goodbye to sleep disorders! Sleep well with system

Sleep well! With the right mattress and slatted frame, you say goodbye to sleep disturbances.
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For more vitality

Did you have a good night? Or are you suffering from your sleep disorders ? You relax in the evening, do not drink alcohol, do not smoke, do not eat anything heavy in the evening, maybe even take a valerian remedy, the bedroom is not too warm - and you still wake up often and can hardly sleep again? "Then you should see whether it is due to the mattress and the slatted frame, " recommends Germany's most famous sleep researcher, Professor J├╝rgen Zulley.

Because: "After all, we spend six to nine hours every day in bed, " said the expert. And at that time, a mattress that is too hard or too soft and an unsuitable slatted frame could disturb your sleep : "Millions of Germans do not sleep deep enough and feel like they're in the morning, but most do not look for the cause in their bed."

"Please change every five years."

In a study with 250 participants, which the expert supported, the sleep quality improved significantly at around 90 percent after switching to an adapted bed system. "I recommend changing the mattress after five years, " Zulley said.

It would be ideal if one then finds in a shop also a new, well-balanced slatted frame. Zulley: "For a healthy, deep sleep, the mattress should be point elastic, but not too far behind." This is just the right grate important. Zulley: "The underlay should complement the effect of the mattress, good is a grate with at least 28 flexible slats, which is adjustable in hardness."

back sleepers

Sleep studies show that the bed system must fit the type of sleep, so that the night is truly restful, and those who fall asleep on the back rarely move at night more than other types of sleep, and it is important that the mattress is supported by the slatted frame The spine retains its natural S-shape, which relieves the entire body, results in deeper sleep phases and wakes up less frequently, often with a visco-foam mattress that is softer and softer in the right places compliant. "

much Dreher

"Sixty percent of people prefer to sleep on the side, so do you." Then you should find out if you often turn around at night, because this is often the case with side-feeders, and then a box-spring bed can be best The mattress is not on a slatted base, but on a so-called spring box, also called spring frame or under mattress.A massive frame surrounds the suspension.Advantage: A box spring bed supports the body on the entire bed very evenly - no matter where you are has turned. "

stomach sleepers

"If you fall asleep on your stomach, your position changes at night as well, but sometimes it's on your stomach, often for an hour or more, so the pelvic area should be well supported. Otherwise, the pelvis sinks too low and you get into the hollow back: This is usually the result of a new pocket spring mattress, made of spiral steel springs sewn into fabric bags, and supported by a slatted frame that can be set more tightly in the middle well off the pelvic area. "

side sleepers

"Everybody changes their sleeping position at night, often over 20 times, but 'real' side drowsers, who fall asleep well only in this position, find themselves in that position much more often than other types of sleep, then the mattress should be in the shoulder and shoulder The pelvic zone gives way noticeably, a firm pillow relieves the cervical spine and a second pillow between the knees.The greatest comfort is provided by a cold foam mattress: it is very point elastic for the shoulders and hips and the grid should be particularly tight, so that the mattress does not by suppressed. "

Well informed for advice

Although good bedding systems are not exactly cheap with prices starting at around 800 euros, they also offer the best sleeping comfort. For the sake of health, the investment is worthwhile, because good sleep optimizes the oxygen intake, strengthens the immune system, prevents tension. If you want to buy a mattress with matching slatted base, you should go to the specialist shop - equipped with the knowledge of which type of sleep you are at all. That's a good thing for retailers to present the right models.

Rested go

If you are tired or tired, you will find every lying as pleasant. It may be that the mattress at home in the many hours of the night this pleasant feeling can not offer.

Have enough time

For a detailed consultation - and for the test lying for at least 15 minutes: Lie on your back, test how far the butt sinks. Put your hand on your back - if you have room, the mattress is not strong enough. Then test the page position. The head lies on a pillow. The shoulders should not sink so low that the head is pushed up. Ask the seller if your spine is straight. Even better: He should offer that you can test the mattress with wrapping film for a night or two at home and sleep on it.

seal of approval

Ask for bed systems with AGR seal of quality. Tested models and further information: .

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