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Pressure cookers are really that toxic

So poisonous is the food from the pressure cooker!
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How pressure cookers poison us

Pressure cookers are not only practical - but above all dangerous. Researchers now warn that using the pots can even kill us!

Just when we are in a hurry, he is our life-saving helper in the kitchen: the pressure cooker. But recent findings say that this not only poison us slowly, but even kill in the long run! Particularly affected are pressure cookers from the 1970s, which have too high a lead content, which passes when heated in the meal.

Researchers have come to a frightening conclusion in an investigation into the lead content in kitchen appliances: 20 percent of the tested pressure cookers gave a measurable and therefore worrying amount of lead to food. Thus, we take the toxin directly over the meal prepared in it to us.

The risk increases again when acidic foods - such as tomatoes, lemon juice or vinegar - are heated in the pressure cooker, as these still favor the release of lead. In the future, we should leave the pressure cooker in the closet for the sake of our health - and exercise patience with a normal pot.

Lead is toxic to the human body and damages both kidney, skin and gastrointestinal organs, as well as the central nervous system and bone marrow. Severe acute lead poisoning leads to circulatory failure and can be fatal. The first signs are noticeable through head, limb and abdominal pain.


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