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Jack Johnson's "Sleep Through The Static

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The Sunnyboy has grown up. His new album is the best proof of that

He's back - but was he ever gone?

Somehow Jack Johnson is always present. Maybe not through live performances, new tracks or PR gags and sales concepts. Rather, the Hawaiian shows us in airy-light regularity through old songs that we recognize on the radio or by catchy tunes from the last or penultimate summer that just do not want to disappear in the cold winter time again from our ears. And that, even though the father of two had nothing to talk about for two years.

But of course, the godfather of the surfer-singer / songwriter generation was not just lazy at this time. Jack Johnson was committed to the environment, to education, to his family. And for better music. The latter he has succeeded - his current album is the best proof. "Sleep Through The Static" shows Johnson, the eternal Sunnyboy, from a new angle: He presents himself rockier and more adult, sometimes a little less prudent, but sometimes more serious. But never less worth listening to: more and more often the amplifier is used. The result is sometimes edged, sometimes simply hauntier than the unplugged version. Unmistakable remains the typical Johnson sound of guitar, piano and his actually incomparably relaxed voice, which could also make his current album the hit of the romantic summer evenings.

Absolute highlights of the album: the beautiful ballad "Angel", the almost country - drifting "Sleep Through The Static" and the eternally optimistic "If I Had Eyes", from which shines a confidence that only someone can have in the The past had to endure a stormy sea and had to wait for better times. Because that's what a passionate surfer's life is all about: avoiding dangers and sometimes staying awhile, until waves come along that can carry you for a meter. All signs indicate that "Sleep Through The Static" will be another wave of success in Johnson's career. Order at Click here for the official website