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Why is this bear upright?

Photo: Screenshot YouTube / S Pugs

In New Jersey, a bear walks upright through the gardens - why?

At first glance, it looks funny how this bear runs upright through the area. But why he does that is not funny at all.

For the past year, people in Oak Ridge, New Jersey, have been watching a bear straying upright through their neighborhoods. Funny, it looks like he's there like a human being. The people of New Jersey have even given the bear a name: Pedals .

At first you might think that someone is joking and that it's just a bearded costume. But no, unfortunately this is not the way you know by now.

The bear Pedals is injured and he desperately needs help!

His front paws are injured (some eyewitnesses even report that he has a paw completely missing), he can not burden them. That's why he walks upright. And that has consequences:

He can hunt so badly, so the bear is also remarkably emaciated. And the approaching winter is another danger: in his condition, Pedals can not dig a cave for the winter. The bear is stuck in the neighborhood because he can not take on the other bear in the wild and can not get through the mountainous area without his front paws.

Sabrina Pugsley, a resident of New Jersey, could not look at this anymore. She started a Facebook page and a donation call to help the bear. More than US $ 18, 000 was raised in her petition to fund the capture, treatment and subsequent release of pedals through the Orphant Wildlife Center.

The Orphant Wildlife Center has also confirmed that they are ready to take care of pedals. However, the "NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife" has to approve it first. And they have been crosswise so far.

An official statement states, "The agency has monitored the bear's movements and condition since last year, assuring the public that it's best to keep the animal alive." This assessment is also justified by the fact that the bear has survived the last snowy and cold winter and was able to find food despite his restricted mobility.

However, pictures from last year compared to images from this year show that Pedals condition has deteriorated drastically. He is much thinner and more and more restricted in his movements.

That's why a petition has been launched to persuade the NJ's Division of Fish and Wildlife to approve Pedal's help.

We hope that the bear will be helped soon.