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Bad skin? Sometimes a hyperacidity is to blame!

An even skin texture has a lot to do with healthy nutrition!
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  1. If creams & Co. are not enough for a radiant skin, the body is usually out of balance
  2. Which skin problems indicate an oversupply?
  3. Why does the acid-base balance affect the condition of the skin?
  4. What helps the skin in a Ɯbersuerung?
  5. This makes the skin even better

If creams & Co. are not sufficient for a radiant skin, the body is usually out of balance

From expensive luxury items to certified natural cosmetics to medical products from the pharmacy: You've really tried everything to give your skin back its radiance, but nothing worked. The reason for your skin problems could be your diet, because the skin is also supplied from the inside.

A protein-rich, low-base diet with plenty of meat, white flour and dairy products brings the acid-base balance out of balance and this is reflected quickly in a disturbed skin.

Which skin problems indicate hyperacidity?

Typical signs that your skin is suffering from hyperacidity are dryness and an unpleasant feeling of tightness. Often the skin also appears pale and pasty. Unloved redness and unpleasant itching can be compounded by an excess of acid. Even cellulite is favored by an unbalanced acid-base balance. Experts are currently discussing whether chronic hyperacidity is even a possible cause of the skin disease eczema.

Why does the acid-base balance affect the condition of the skin?

The body can regulate the acid-base balance to balance an excess of acid. This is called the buffer capacity. However, if the acid load is constantly high for too long a period, the self-regulatory system will no longer be against it. The result: Excess acid is stored in the connective tissue, where it displaces the stored water. The water-binding capacity of the skin diminishes and becomes drier and loses its elasticity. In addition, this condition worsens its supply of nutrients and vitamins that it needs for natural radiance.

What helps the skin in case of hyperacidity?

Switching one's own eating habits from one day to the next is not an easy task and often difficult to realize in hectic everyday life. Therefore, a de-acidification treatment with basic minerals can promote the removal of excess acid over two to three months. Citrate-based drugs work best because they are absorbed into the small intestine and neutralize acid where it occurs, namely in the metabolism. The effect of the citrate-containing products persists over a longer period, so that the active ingredients in the connective tissue neutralize the excess acid. And that supports - as practically - a healthy skin.

This makes the skin even more beautiful

Very important: drink at least two liters every day to provide the skin with sufficient fluid from the inside. This promotes the elimination of acid from the kidneys. Exercise in the fresh air also favors a healthy complexion. In addition, sweating has a very positive effect on the skin, because it stimulates blood circulation. Whether you sweat during sports or in the sauna does not matter.