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Woman realizes in the 8th month that she is pregnant

At a concert, the baby suddenly enters the stomach.
Photo: Screenshot / Venus

Little big surprise: pregnancy goes unnoticed for 8 months

At a concert, she notices for the first time that something is pedaling in her stomach. At this time, the woman is already eight months pregnant!

When Abby Wake and Jarryd Gorman are together at a concert, they feel the loud beat in the body. Jarryd holds his girlfriend in his arms, his hands resting on her stomach. Then he realizes that it is not the bass that he feels. There is much more in his own tact.

Abby is eight months pregnant this day. The couple learns that as soon as possible after the concert goes to a doctor. Because Jarryd was immediately sure: This is a baby who kicked so cheerfully against his hands!

How can a woman not notice for eight months that she is pregnant? The situation may be unusual, but not impossible. Since Abby is very slim, the barely two kilo baby in the stomach was hardly noticeable. The mother had already determined that something was different, but she had pushed the peculiar movements inside her rather on her lactose intolerance.

The pregnancy is a lucky surprise. Since the concert, the expectant parents are looking forward to their child in anticipation. With lightning speed, all preparations are made to welcome your baby to the world in a short time!