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Less is more3 Professional tips for a natural make-up

A natural make-up is sometimes harder to make up than a strong party look. But it does not have to be that way! It's easy with these professional tips.

A natural make-up emphasizes your personality rather than painting it
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Some women just have it out. They always look perfect, have a flawless complexion and always bright eyes . Impressive, right? Even more impressive, however, is that even these supposedly perfect women do not completely dispense with care products and make-up - even if that sometimes works.

Your secret? Just a natural make-up ! And we think that's especially nice. It has long ceased to stand out with the most extraordinary party make-up - more and more women are focusing on their natural beauty, which they underline with subtle tones . Just being yourself and showing who you really are - that's what we like best. You too?

We'll show you how to easily make a natural make-up with just a few tricks and which products you can use for it.

Natural make-up - how it works!

1. The right concealer

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Natural make-up is based on one thing: a fresh look ! A real all-rounder when applying make-up is therefore the concealer . So you can easily hide redness, blemishes and ugly dark circles.

Simply apply the concealer to the affected areas of the skin, pat in gently, wait a moment and then rub the edges . Depending on your needs then apply a foundation and transparent powder - finished is the nude look that could not be more natural!

By the way: When choosing the color, it is important that you choose a concealer that is one to two shades lighter than your skin tone . If you inadvertently grasp a darker tone, you will not be able to achieve the fresh and lightening effect. A high-quality concealer in three shades, for example, from Babor :

WUNDERWEIB-natural make-up concealer

2. Eyeliner in Nude

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And now to the eyes : So that the radiant look for a natural make-up really succeeds, we should definitely do without dark colors beyond our mascara . Sure, we can emphasize our eyelashes with a black or brown mascara, but the dark eyeliner may confidently stay in the make-up bag today.

For example, it's best to use a Defining Eyeliner in the color Nude - like the one by Dr. Ing. Hauschka . This allows you to visually open your eyes and they look even brighter. Applying the light pen to your eyelids creates a waking and natural look.

WUNDERWEIB-natural make-up eyeliner

3. The right lipstick

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What else is missing for your natural make-up? The right product for your lips! Here, too, we remain true to our motto: less is more . Especially high-contrast colors such as bright, bright red or pink are anything but natural.

Since our look in this case should be rather restrained and discreet and not to lose the naturalness in the last few meters, we recommend matte, covered lipstick colors . Even a light lip gloss in soft pink does not seem too fake and emphasizes the natural shine of your lips.

Here is a selection of lipsticks and lip glosses for your natural make-up:

WUNDERWEIB-natural-makeup lipstick

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