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Cute video: Woman takes care of sweet flying fox babies

Photo: YouTube / Adam Cox

Parental "vampires" should become big and strong

Fruit bats are more likely to be scary and unapproachable animals. But this video shows how mega cute the little nightflatterers can be.

When you think of bats, most people probably have vampires, batman or timid disease carriers in mind. That the similar fruit bats but also can be totally cuddly, probably suspected the least.

Trish Wimberley works in an Australian shelter for injured and traumatized wildlife. Their job is to take care of orphaned bat and fruit bat babies. Heat waves kill millions of bats each year. In some cases, the parent animals literally rain from the sky, while their offspring endure in caves or shady rock walls.

With the extinction of bats, Australia's ecosystem could be out of whack, with animal caretakers like Trish Wimberley taking on the task of rescuing, peeling and releasing them after a few weeks.

Feeding, health checks and washing keep Trish and her assistants up all day. But the sight of the cute flying fruit babies and the cuddling with them seems to be a reasonable compensation.

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