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Sam Simon: Deathly co-inventor of the Simpsons donates his fortune

Photo: Sam Simon: Getty Images / Picture Homer Simpson: 20th Century Fox

Millions for good causes

Sam Simon earned more than 100 million euros by creating the Simpsons together with Matt Groening. Now he wants to donate his money for a good cause.

Since the late 1980s, The Simpsons are no longer indispensable on international television. For decades, the series, co-founded by Matt Groening and Sam Simon, is a guarantee of good humor.

Although co-inventor Sam Simon already broke up his business relationship with colleague Matt Groening in 1993, the 59-year-old still earns the royalties for the broadcast to this day. In total, Simon's personal wealth amounts to more than 100 million US dollars. Now he donates his money for good causes.

Two years ago, Sam Simon was told by his doctors that he was terminally ill with colorectal cancer. They only gave him a few months left. In an interview with American journalist Maria Shriver, Simon talks about how his terminal illness has opened his eyes to the fact that he still has a lot to give.

Much of his money donated by the internationally successful producer for the animal rights organization PETA. In an interview, Simon explains why animals are so close to his heart: "I feel responsible for speaking to those who can not do it themselves." In addition, Sam Simon has launched a relief project for needy families so that they can be provided with hot meals.

Fortunately, Sam Simon stayed longer than the originally forecasted three months. Yet his doctors can do nothing but keep him alive. A cure is impossible. Nonetheless, Simon says he is happier than ever in his life. "I'm surrounded by people who love me and take care of me, who would do anything for me." That's a good feeling, that's called happiness. "

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