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After Assault: Helpful student is in a coma

Because a 22-year-old student showed civil courage, she is now in a coma.
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22-year-old teacher student just wanted to help

Tu 22çe Albayrak, a 22-year-old student, helped two young women when teenagers harassed them. Now she is in a coma.

When Tuĝçe Albayrak visited a McDonald's branch in Offenbach with her friends last weekend, she witnessed two young women being harassed in the bathroom. Together with her friends and three other young men, the 22-year-old teacher student was able to drive away the young pöbler.

For Tuĝçe and her companions everything seemed clear. As it turned out, the adolescents saw it quite differently. When the friends left the McDonald's branch, the two young men in the parking lot lurk in their car. First, they begin to berate the two women and the young man. As they verbally defend themselves, the young men get out of the car. One of them becomes palpable.

A friend of the 22-year-old student told the police that she had been slapped. Her friend Tuĝçe, on the other hand, was hit hard and fell. Her head hit the floor and the young woman fainted instantly.

Tuĝçe was treated by the emergency physicians 20 minutes before she was hospitalized. The young student is now in a coma . Her condition is critical. The doctors found a brain hemorrhage.

The perpetrators tried to escape, but could be made only a short time later. One of the friends was able to take a photo of the license plate of the car.

The 18-year-old, who should have struck, the police was previously known, so reported VIP News. He is said to have said to the incident, "I've just missed her a pipe." A case of serious assault has already been initiated.

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