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Sleep Disorders: Therapy and self-help

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  1. Tablets are not a solution
  2. Sleeping pills are not a solution
  3. Therapy: Behavior therapy and relaxation techniques
  4. Self-help: Tips for a healthy sleep

Tablets are not a solution

Sleep disorders are manifested by various symptoms: poor falling asleep, not sleeping through, or waking up early in the morning are just a few. The therapy of such a sleep disorder always depends on the underlying causes. Those who sleep badly, but can also take the first measures to help themselves.

Sleeping pills are not a solution

If you suffer from insomnia, you should always take controlled sleeping medication, for a short time and above all in consultation with your doctor. This also applies to over-the-counter, herbal supplements. Caution is especially required with synthetic preparations for the treatment of sleep disorders : they can lead to habituation and dependence with prolonged use. The result is that sleep problems only increase.

Therapy: Behavior therapy and relaxation techniques

Studies have shown that cognitive behavioral therapy for sleep disorders can be as successful as sleep therapy. Among other things, it helps those affected to change habits and sleep patterns over the long term. Sleep problems sufferers can thus find a restful night's sleep. In the treatment of sleep disorders but also relaxation techniques have proven to be part of many treatment concepts. These include, for example, the autogenic training as well as the progressive muscle relaxation.

Self-help: Tips for a sound sleep

To counteract sleep disturbances, even a sleep hygiene can help as a first measure for self-help. Sleep hygiene means steps that make for calmer nights. These include, for example, fixed sleep times and getting-up-time, in order to strengthen a continuous rhythm.

Relaxing is also an important factor before going to bed, especially if you are exposed to constant stress in your working life. Just drop the TV in the evening, grab a good book and enjoy a herbal tea.