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DIY: DIY gift wrapping

In these pretty gift pyramids you can pack wonderful little things
Photo: deco & style

Merry Christmas

Whether at Christmas or on other occasions, these pretty gift boxes can be used to store sweets for your loved ones.

You need this for the box:

  • Computer, printer and paper
  • various photo cards in gold and black (craft shop)
  • Band (department store)
  • small gifts
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • bonefolder
  • Lochzange

Here you will find the template:

And that's how easy it is:

1. Print the template on paper and cut it.

2. Transfer the original several times (depending on the number of guests) to the photo-paper in pencil. Also cut the photocard.

3. Fold all inside lines.

4. Fold all semicircular surfaces to the triangle edge.

5. Punch a small hole in each trick's tip. Then thread a tape. Put in a small gift.

6. Pull the band together, making sure that the folded, semicircular surfaces point into the interior of the pyramid.

7. Closed pyramid looped.

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