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Before and After: Score points with the right pair of glasses

Type-appropriate glasses

Whether creative, modern, intelligent or serious - a type-appropriate glasses influences the personal appearance and brings benefits in professional life . How to do that, the four winners of our raffle with Mister Spex were allowed to experience.

A pair of glasses is a fashion accessory that underlines the personality like no other! Particularly in the field of work life, glasses that are tailored to the type and environment can highlight the professional competence and personal charisma. In our competition, the style experts from Germany's largest online eyewear shop Mister Spex have selected four suitable, type-appropriate job glasses for four women. Sabine, Beatrice, Monique and Ute are the winners who came to enjoy a personal eyewear style consultation, Important criteria for choosing the right pair of glasses were the face shape, individual taste and type as well as the clothing style and the professional activity of the four winners. When all the ladies had found their perfect eyewear model, we went to the exciting before-after photo shoot to Berlin. We have put together great before-and-after pictures for you!