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Travel Report: Vive la surf in southern France

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Hardly a piece of land is better suited for an unforgettable surf vacation than the French Atlantic coast. It has the ideal conditions for surfing with unique surf spots. I spent 2 weeks in the South of France, Seignosse le Penon and here are my tips for the perfect surf vacation!

Getting to the South of France / Biarritz: Good & cheap by plane: With Ryanair there are offers over London to the south of France / Biarritz. From Hamburg you are about 8 hours on the road. Cheap but really exhausting to arrive with the Rip Curl Express bus: It takes about 28 hours from southern France / Seignosse to Hamburg, the ride costs only 90 euros (for the transport of a surfboard you pay 20 euros extra). But then you are really flat ... The Rip Curl Express runs in the period from 10.06. - 03.10.2011 from different departure points in Germany and Switzerland to the South of France. Arriving by car: Many guests came with their Bullis or cars to the south of France. But beware: the toll fees have it all. But you can also look for a ride at: or

Staying in the south of France / Seignosse: Arrive and feel good! This is the Maranga Surfvilla in the South of France / Seignosse le Penon, which has been attracting Surf and Southern France fans for 9 years now. Behind the dunes in the shade of the pine forest, the estate is located in the district of Le Penon. In front of the house there are hammocks and many retreats that increase the feel-good factor. After surfing, first cuddle a round in the corners, rumpling on the slackline, grabbing the guitar in the house and swiping over the pages or talking to the other residents about surfing and watching surf movies. The beach is only a few minutes walk away. He is very clean and Atlantic typical very wide. Info to the surf villa: Surfing in the south of France: When we woke up we had the sound of the sea in our ears, because one would like to jump immediately into the sea. The nearby surf spots offer ideal surfing conditions for beginners as well as advanced. Surf lessons are a good introduction and should definitely be used. You can also rent a surfboard and a neo and go into the water! A beginner's course costs 150 euros in the Maranag Villa. For this you get a 15 hours course (theory and practice), incl. Board and wetsuit for 1 week.

Shopping in southern France / Seignosse: In the village you will find everything you need: EC machine, small supermarkets, post office, cafes, bars, clubs with live music, a small skate park, shops. However, the supermarket in the village has very high prices. By car, just outside Seignosse, the prices in the supermarkets are falling significantly. Shopping in Southern France / Seignosse: Buy happily in the industrial district in Seignosse-bourg, about 5km from Hossegor. There are numerous surfer outlets for surf, motorcross and snowboard clothing. Billabong fans are happy: There is a big Billabong shop with numerous products.

Food in Southern France: Taste France! Cheap and delicious mussels are available at the port of Capbreton. You pay about 10 euros and get a men's portion of mussels with fries, a bottle of wine, a dessert and the obligatory bottle of water.

Entertainment in the South of France / Seignosse: In the evening there is the free sunset program on the beach of southern France ! At regional events (Night Surf in Biarritz, RipCurl and Quicksilver Pro, ADH student championship ...) there are always parties in the evening that have it all! In Hossegor there is the legendary Rockfood, Europe's most famous surfbar. In this sense: surf, eat, sleep-hang loose!

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