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Youtube hit daaruum: Who is Nilam Faaroq?

daaruum gives make-up and care tips, tests cosmetics products and talks about their lives.
Photo: youtube / daaruum

The YouTube star with the fawn eyes

Daaruum is a YouTube hit. Nilam Faaroq talks about her life. Who is the girl behind daaruum? This personal video gives answer.

Actually, she gives make-up and care tips, explains how Ms. waves, conjures up Smoke-Eyes and applying Rouge properly. She tests cosmetic products, cooks her favorite recipes and tells stories about her life. But who is the girl with the fawn eyes really? Known in the net as daaruum, she's called Nilam Faaroq in real life.

Nothing more than three points (...) - this is the title of her probably most personal video message. Mysterious. The statement: anything but mysterious. The video should clarify: Show who daaruum really is. What Narum does and how she feels.

515, 000 subscribers, 950 videos. Daarum is a YouTube hit. Originally, the girl with the fawn eyes had other plans. Her great passion is acting. The success was missing. Orders came and went. A constant ups and downs. Then she starts her YouTube channel. A success! The fan base grows with every video. The acting? Do not forget. Nilam continues to pursue a career without the backing and backing of her YouTube channel. Alone with her skills. A strong role in a crime series, starring alongside Christine Neubauer - Nilam seems to be gaining a foothold in the acting industry. The moment when she becomes aware of her second passion.

And how will things continue with daaruum ? As usual. Nilam has two jobs. On the one hand her heart beats for the net, on the other hand for the acting. It will be difficult for them to combine the two. It will cost them a lot of time, effort and sweat. But also a lot of love. And that's what counts at the end of the day.