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Instagram and real life: When photos post is embarrassing

Just take a quick photo ...
Photo: Screenshot / YouTube

"Oh wait, I have to take the food shortly ..."

In the meantime, you photograph yourself in almost every situation, just to share the resulting snapshots with friends and followers as quickly as possible? Then you should take a look at this video.

Restaurant visit, gym, the club evening with friends - some people document every detail of their lives with the camera. The food was delicious, the yoga outfit was perfect and the DJ was great too! Stupid only if you missed with all the photography, sometimes to be really there. Or it's going to annoy his own friends a lot. A new video takes the Insta-friction now properly on the shovel.

True to the motto "I post, so I am", it shows a young woman, who makes herself up right after getting up for the #wokeupliekthis selfie and hunts her dog through the whole living room - and all just for Instagram .

The video makes some laughs that stuck in one way or another but in the throat. The young woman who keeps her friends from eating to make the perfect food photo could be us too ...

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