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Unfriend Notify for Facebook: Who makes friends?

Heard when friends make friends

Yesterday you had 256 friends. Today there are only 255 - but who is missing? Has anyone just deleted his profile - or is it your fault? Calm down, now you can get your lost Facebook friends up to speed - with the browser extension " Unfriend Notify ".

Thanks to " Unfriend Notify " you will always be up to date with your current friends status. Simply download the extension in Chrome or Firefox and a tab called "Lost Friends" will appear. Behind it hide the lost ex-friends.

"Unfriend Notify" is easy to handle - but should be enjoyed sparingly. Because: Facebook can be useful for a lot. It reminds of birthdays, you can upload drunken party photos of yourself, which will later discover your own children shocked, it keeps you up to date, which turns off the ex-classmates the fiercest.

But, to be honest, not everyone in his Facebook "friends" is known personally. Some are Facebook friends, because you have mutual acquaintances or have been on the phone before. Other people are even strangers to you. And yet you know about them with the stroke, the intimate zone Waxing and the puny staffed boss. Do you really want to learn so much personal from people that you personally do not know? No, you do not want to. So: check out friend lists more often and if need be - get away from it!

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