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Baking cookies without accessories: We show you the best tools

Bake cookies for Christmas - if necessary, even without cookie cutters
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  1. Baking without accessories is no problem
  2. 1. Roll out the cookie dough
  3. 2. Cut out the cookies
  4. 3. Decorate

Baking without accessories is no problem

You want to bake cookies, you've already finished the dough but you realize that you have no accessories like rolling pin or cookie cutters there? This is not so bad and no reason to miss tasty home-baked cookies during the Christmas season, because there are alternatives for the baking accessories. Which ones are they?

1. Roll out the cookie dough

You can not find your rolling pin anymore? Or you do not have one? Then you can use an empty glass bottle to roll out the dough. So if you drank wine with friends the night before, or just emptied a water bottle by chance - you can use the bottle very well as a substitute for the rolling pin. But you should make sure that the bottle has a smooth surface.

2. Cut out the cookies

The dough is now rolled out with the help of the bottle. But now it is missing cookie cutters? Then it gets a bit tricky to get Santa Claus and Christmas trees in cookie form. But you still do not have to give up your cookie project: just take drinking glasses! If you press them over on the dough, you will get round cookies. You can also cut out the cookies with a knife, maybe even great, creative shapes will succeed.

3. Decorate

Not everyone has a spout at home. It is convenient to portion the dough or to decorate the finished cookies. But you can just improvise by taking a freezer bag. Put the dough (or whatever you need) in the bag and cut off a corner. The smaller the opening, the finer you can portion.