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Michelle Hunziker: Your 5 Tips for Joie de vivre

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Awarded in Hamburg!

Always good mood and joy of life. The presenter reveals how to do that.

That tingled! The association of champagne winemakers annually awards a "Prize for Joy ", and this time he went to Michelle Hunziker (35, "DSDS Kids").

The beautiful entertainer came beaming and laughing to the award ceremony in Hamburg - and had just brought her new partner, the perfume millionaire Tomaso Trussardi (29).

The luck sparkled like bubbly! A woman who has the good mood. How does Michelle do it?

Here are her tips for a happy life.

Tip 1: Serenity

Michelle Hunziker : "You do not have to force things. The beautiful and the love come when you least expect them. Before you complain about what you do not have, you should be happy about what you have. Serenity is a recipe for happiness. "

Tip 2: Exercise

Michelle Hunziker : "I always do something, since my childhood: running, swimming, even when I'm sitting, my leg is rocking. I'm afraid for someone who has to sleep with me in a bed, it's terrible because I'm always on the move in my sleep. But I feel good and alive. "

Tip 3: Be there for others

Michelle Hunziker : "I try not to always focus on myself. Instead, I want to give people pleasure. They are worried enough, they do not need my bad mood. If they see that I am happy, they will hopefully be in a good mood. "

Tip 4: Courage

Michelle Hunziker : "Laughing life in the face - that helps. When I realize that fear is rising, I take up the fight. How it works? By risking something, daring something new and not immediately shrugging off because it could go wrong. That gives self-confidence and happiness. "

Tip 5: Curiosity

Michelle Hunziker : "Before I turn 40, I really want to be a mother again. But I'm only 35, now is not the moment. I want to work a lot before that. And travel! And enjoy my new relationship, with full passion. It makes you happy to be curious about life. By the way, my daughter Aurora (15) can help me when I am going to be a mother again. She is something like a mini-mom! "

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