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Andrea Berg: "My mother, my daughter and I are a committed team!

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The singer as private as ever

They can entrust everything to each other. The singer is grateful for that

Kleinaspach (Baden-Württemberg) is romantically situated in the sun. In the hotel "Sonnenhof" there is a lot of activity. When we hear a happy "hello!", We recognize it immediately: It is the Beat Queen Andrea Berg (46). Although the singer ("pirates like us") is currently preparing her own show (January 12, 8:15 pm, ARD) with a lot of energy, she is beaming. No wonder - because here live the people who mean so much to her.

While walking with her daughter and the dogs "Ben" and "Simba", the native of Krefeld speaks exclusively to us about the most important women in her life: her daughter Lena-Marie (14) and Mama Helga (68). "We love each other very much. My mother, daughter and I are a committed team, "she says proudly. "I used to trust everything to my mom. Today my daughter thinks so too. "

In recent years, the relationship has become even closer. When Andreas Papa Jürgen died in 2011, the three held together. "We had a hard time, we survived together, " says Andrea Berg thoughtfully. Out of gratitude for this support and the strength the family gives her, the trained nurse backs up for the good cause.

On December 13, she will perform at the "José Carreras" gala (8:15 pm, ARD). The successful singer wants to pass on her happiness, helping others. And that's wonderful.

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