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Video: Disappeared dog meets owner again

Dog and owner are looking forward to the reunion!
Photo: Screenshot / Heath Veterinary Clinic

A disappeared dog returns

He had disappeared for months. Now the dog finally meets his master again! The video of the reunion stirs tears!

Again and again animals disappear inexplicably. They rarely come back. All the better is the story of these two friends, who finally meet again after months.

Dog and owner were inseparable until Jasper suddenly disappeared in September 2014. His owner went out of his way to find his beloved dog again. He reported the dog officially missing and did not want to give up the search. The suspicion was that Jasper was stolen and sold.

Months after the disappearance, the hope is extinguished except for one last spark. But a single call brought the spark to the blaze again. Jasper's owner is contacted by a veterinary clinic. The staff reports that a dog was taken to the clinic and according to his Microchip is about Jasper.

When the owner arrives at the facility, he is nervous. Is it really his male? But when the door opens and the animal is brought to him, all doubts are gone. It is indeed his missing dog Jasper, who rushes over his master overjoyed. After half a year, they finally meet again.

The joy of the reunion of dog and owner in the video is clearly noticeable stirs some animal lovers to tears. Probably neither Jasper nor his owner would have expected such a reunion.

It is always remarkable what bond between humans and animals prevails. In a cat, a toddler can even arouse feelings of motherhood - so that in a video, she does everything she can to protect the baby.

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