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Style advice: Which bag fits for what?

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  1. Accessories for the outfit
  2. Style advice: Bag in trapeze shape
  3. Style advice: shoppers
  4. Style advice: Oversize bag

Accessories for the outfit

A little styling advice complacent? Bags are available in countless variations, shapes and colors - we show what suits which best. But first of all a little worth knowing ...

Style advice : Small pocket encyclopedia

TOTE BAG: "Tote" simply means "carry bag" ("to tote"). This refers to large models whose handles are so short that they can only be worn on the wrist or forearm.

POCHETTE: These very flat models ("pochette", French for "envelope") can be found especially in the evening.

SATCHEL BAG: A model that was originally used by students to carry books ("satchel" or "satchel"). It has two reinforced handles and a strap.

Style advice : bag with short handle

Spacious and simple, this bag is especially appealing to large or voluptuous women. Approximately 30 euros, 40 x 40 cm, artificial leather, Orsay.

FITS to classics like the costume or sheath dress. Exciting patterns are made with the bag quiet and discreet.

Style advice: Bag in trapeze shape

The bag with the side unfolded shape is now announced in a two-tone look. Approximately 80 euros, 40 x 30 cm, Gerry Weber.

Fits to the noble denim look as the shift dress.

Style advice: shoppers

There is no more practical accessory than this classic. Small women should not resort to the XXL variant. Approximately 100 euros, 38 x 32 cm, Zara.

FITS TO every everyday outfit. The functional aspect is in the foreground.

Style advice: Oversize bag

They are indispensable: our beloved XXL bags. Whether very noble in fine leather, wildly printed or studded with stones. Especially at strong, tall women they look great. Approximately 220 euros, 45 x 32 cm, leather, Picard.

FITS TO A sporty leisure look. In the evening, this big model stays better at home.

Style advice: clutch bag

For this variant of the evening bag shines long, you should refrain from hand cream. Approximately 40 Euro, 27 x 14 cm, artificial leather, L. Credi.

Fits casual jeans with blazer as well as the elegant evening dress.

Style advice: Boxing bag

In the jewel only the most important thing with. Approximately 40 euros, 16 x 10 cm, Zara.

FITS to every evening styling. The bag is a highlight to plain colors.

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