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Our new blogger Helen introduces herself

Guest blogger Helen

Caviar Nails, boyfriend jeans, detox, chia seeds, goji berries, soy chai latte to go and a bar without names - fashion is no longer just a great outfit, fashion is reflected in our food, as we do drink our café or in which bars we meet our friends. Does it make us hip?

Guest blogger Helen of The Fashion Bakery
Photo: Helen Woltering

Do we really have to join every trend? Maybe. Maybe not. I like to try new things and therefore do not exclude myself from the trends.

Growing up in the countryside and studying in the Netherlands and USA, I quickly learned to love the big wide world. I've been living in beautiful Munich for almost three years and the city has shown me that I'm a big-city kid at heart.

Between trends and bustle in the city, it is not always easy to feel comfortable and constantly in vogue these days. To keep the balance, sports and a healthy diet are very important to me. Because only when I feel comfortable in my skin, I have fun trying out fashion beauty and lifestyle topics.

My outfits, photographs, recipes and beauty tips should serve as inspiration. At Fashion Bakery I want to share with you, which makes my heart beat faster.

I'm looking forward to some exciting posts on

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