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Be happy!

Strategies for more zest for life

Today is not your day? You can change that!

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  1. Routine instead of new ways
  2. Twice happy
  3. Fortunately Photo
  4. Fortunately registration office
  5. The secret symbol
  6. Safe method
  7. Silky and sinful
  8. Joyful smorgasbord
  9. Good gut feeling
  10. Giving brings joy
  11. Sport is always possible!
  12. Become Yogi!
  13. Press Lucky Points
With these 17 "‰ effective instant strategies you conjure up every mood depression and fill your everyday life with more joie de vivre!


"When are you happy?", We ask a proven luck expert. His answer to this was the counter question: "What is happy?" Who bathes in happiness, obviously does not have to ask the question of what that is.

Our expert is called Mattis, is five years old and only unhappy when he has to go to bed or has opened a knee. Hermann Scherer (47) is also an expert in life happiness, only that he approaches the matter a little more scientifically.

He has his findings in the recently published book "Happiness children. Why some seek lifelong opportunities - and others use them daily "(Campus, around 20 euros).

Routine instead of new ways

One of his core theses is that we are increasingly sinking into routine instead of daring to break new ground. But it is very easy to give life new facets and aspects every day. It is not about the big turnaround, but about small screws that can do a lot.


If your mind is all about a sad event, and your thoughts keep coming back without you being able to defend yourself, your lucky number - such as the 7, one of the most popular lucky numbers - comes into play. Look for them wherever you see numbers: on license plates of cars, on billboards, in house numbers.

Twice happy

When you discover your lucky number, think of a very special moment in your life. You will feel twice as happy if you discover the number twice, for example house number 77.

This method also helps with prolonged distress attacks because it requires so much concentration - and your thoughts are no longer constantly circling around your worries and problems.

Fortunately Photo

Surely you have some photo with a particularly cheerful theme - preferably with people who mean a lot to you. It can also be a totally outrageous snapshot of you, your partner or your girlfriends.

Maybe it's also a weird postcard or a funny picture from a magazine. Put the photo in your handbag or upload it to your mobile phone and carry it with you. If you have a hint of sadness, get the photo out. It will lighten your mood immediately!

Inspire compliments

Everyone is happy when he gets a compliment. Take a close look at your fellow human beings and pay attention to what you like. These can be garments or a particularly attentive or polite behavior.

No matter what attracts your attention, you are complimenting that person - it does not matter if it's an acquaintance, a friend or a stranger. The pleasure of receiving a compliment will come back to you directly.

Fortunately registration office

Share your moments of happiness from now on - on the Internet! At you can tell your co-users about your positive experiences and let yourself be inspired by the beautiful moments of others.

The secret symbol

Trouble in the job? In contrast, a very simple trick helps: Take something as inconspicuous as possible, which you associate with something that instantly creates a good mood for you. This can be a profane bottle of water because it's the brand your friend loves to drink.

You place a bottle of this brand in a central location in the office: on the desk, in your refrigerator compartment or on the windowsill. Only for you, this item has a deeper meaning - he is the link to a loved one. You will see: you can even look in love with a bottle of mineral water!

Even celebrities rely on this trick - the German bestselling author Charlotte Roche goes even further: she has her husband's favorite coffee brand tattooed on his right upper arm.

Everyone is funny!

You do not believe that? True, it all depends on the situation in which you see your fellow human beings. Your bitchy colleague criticizes your work again wrongfully?

Look at her, listen to her, but imagine her just standing in the rain on the side of the road and getting a nice load of splashing water on her expensive outfit from a passing car.

Safe method

Every bet: If you have this picture in mind, your colleague can say what she wants, it will not hit you anymore. Of course, the "all are funny" -method also works in other annoying situations: at the Politesse, who missed you a nod, the unfriendly waiter or annoying neighbor.

Silky and sinful

Beautiful lingerie has not been made just for the eyes of men! On the contrary, they sometimes do not really appreciate what they are presented with. But for most women, lingerie is a real feel-good accessory.

So just grab your lingerie drawer with the autumn mood in your head and pick out something extremely sinful, silky or stylish depending on your mood. No matter if you just go to the supermarket or to the manicure for a short time.

Treasure Chest of Luck

Small children often have treasure chests in which they place their most precious belongings, which they then always bring out to rejoice. Place yourself in such a treasure chest where you are probably often anyway - on Facebook.

Open a new account, give it a fantasy name, and exclude the public by specifying under "Privacy" that only friends can find you and that your posts are only visible to friends.

Joyful smorgasbord

Since you will not have any new friends with this account, it's your small, secret private page that you can access from anywhere. On the whiteboard comes everything that has made you happy: photos, music, little anecdotes, movies. Over time, this creates a wonderful collection of beautiful things.

Of course, this also works with the partner. Write each other, what you especially love about the other, what you have experienced through him for the first time in your life, keep posting little declarations of love. Only both of you can access the page and feel close to your partner whenever he's just a long way away.

"Fortune Nutrition" by Karin Neumann (Überreuter, around 20 Euro) order here at >>

Good gut feeling

If you are in love, you have butterflies in your stomach. It is no coincidence that we flutter the butterflies in this picture in the belly and not in the heart. We also make the stomach happy when it gets the right "food". If you eat a lot of fish, dairy products and fruit, you will suffer less from depression.

Fast food on the other hand "hits the stomach" and makes you unhappy in the long run. Because our stomach has more than 100 million nerve cells. They are connected to the control center in our heads, which is responsible for our mood. Need more ideas? The author Karin Neumann presents in her new book "Glücksnahrung" (Verlag Ueberreuter, around 20 euros) recipes for more happiness and zest for life.

Sex to order

In a lively partnership, sex often happens by accident. There is nothing wrong with that, but the happiness of having sex can easily be complemented by a few hours of anticipation! Make an appointment in the morning with your loved one for a hot sex date after work.

Imagine in pleasurable fantasies, how your meeting could take place and what he should do with you. You will float the whole day like a cloud in the evening wondering why you have not always done so before.

Giving brings joy

Buy a few things you like. You do not have to have any material value - the only condition is that you put a smile on your face! Then wrap the little treasures lovingly as a gift and clear them away. If at some point a day arrives that strictly refuses to become your friend, grab one of the small gifts and unpack it.

But only one thing, your small gift box is not a chip bag that should be emptied in a breakfast situation at one go. Useful side effect: You always have a few packaged gifts for spontaneous invitations in the house.

Sport is always possible!

Physical fitness is one of the basic requirements for a happy life in almost all cultures of the world. The reason is simple: During sports, the body's own hormones, endorphins, are released within a short time, which immediately trigger feelings of happiness and reduce stress. Longer stamina loads, such as a half marathon, can even turn you into a veritable rush of happiness, the so-called Runner's High.

Digital workouts

But do not worry, you do not have to be a running pro. Even small sports units built into everyday life make you happy quickly: Do not do quite as important phone calls as relaxing jogging! All you need is a mini headphone with a microphone. Checking and answering e-mails is great on the ergometer.

Most cardio machines in gyms already have internet. But it works with any smartphone! With it, you can download compact mini-workouts with professional guidance and integrate them spontaneously into your daily routine, for example "A Total Body Workout" by Mobifusion Inc. (by 70 cents), "5-Minute Pilates" by Olson Applications Ltd. (around 2 euros).

Become Yogi!

A complete lucky package does not exist! Yoga combines movement, meditation and mindfulness in a workout. The dynamic alternation of strengthening and stretching positions activates the release of happiness hormones, the breathing exercises and meditation help you to find your center. They feel a deep inner satisfaction and become much calmer in the hectic everyday life.

Press Lucky Points

With acupressure many small ailments can be cured. There are also well-defined body points for the stimulation of happiness - here are the two top spots with immediate effect: Take your earlobes between your thumb and forefinger and knead them vigorously for two minutes. All "happiness points" on the lower ear are stimulated.

You will notice how your mood lifts and gloomy thoughts disappear. The acupressure point, which is centrally located between the chin and the lower lip, is also in a bad mood. Gently press it with your middle and index fingers for about a minute.

Flow - the psycho-luck drug

Anyone who has experienced this condition before does not want to miss it anymore: in the flow of time no longer matters, around us, we do not perceive anything. Even hunger, heat, cold or embarrassment take a back seat. The flow comes when we are completely immersed in an occupation that requires a great deal of skill.

The important thing is that it is an activity that requires maximum concentration, but does not overwhelm us. Example: A florist who lovingly and concentrated conjures an elaborate floral decoration, and brings their creativity and fully and then also gets a compliment.

The magic word "bodyfeedback"

The body gives our psyche constant feedback about being. You can learn to positively influence your mood through the conscious handling of the so-called body feedback. With this simple exercise you get a good mood right away - works great in the office:

Place both hands flat under a tabletop and lightly clasp your arms as if you were about to lift the table. The feet are firmly on the ground. Hold for 10 seconds, repeat three times. This exercise gives the brain positive signals of confidence and energy.

Interview: "It takes courage to be happy!"

The search for happiness is his profession: book author and business coach Hermann Scherer (47) gives lectures on the subject throughout Germany.

SHAPE: Can you get lucky?

Hermann Scherer: Yes, because luck rarely flies to us.

What does this work look like?

It starts with mindfulness. I have to recognize happiness when it's in front of me. Then I do not have to surrender to problems, problems are a chance. And finally, a dose of courage is needed to bring happiness into my life.

What is the courage to seek happiness?

For example, if you are no longer happy in your relationship, you usually have a lot of courage to break up with your partner. We are reluctant to leave our security zone. The same goes for the job. Our job may be boring, but we do not have the courage to quit. We have no guarantee that it will improve after a cut, but without this step it is guaranteed bland.

Are bad times not part of life?

It is crucial to recognize whether it is a temporary depression or permanent dissatisfaction. When we get old, the remorse comes. And most of the time we do not regret the things we did, but the things we did not do in life. Children have it easier, they are happy without making big decisions.

Children think differently. They can build a sandcastle for hours, and when finished, they trample their work with great pleasure. Adults would consider how best to preserve the sandcastle.

"Lucky Children" by Hermann Scherer (Campus, around 20 Euro) order here at >>

What can we learn from children?

Other ways to go! Children do something for the first time every day: go to kindergarten with a braid, eat a mango for the first time. This goes on until the age of about 22 years, then the routine begins. Always the same commute, always the same make of car, every year the same birthday party - only sometime with walking stick.

The good news: you can break this cycle of the foreseeable! Set the goal to risk something new every day and enjoy it - just like a child!

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