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At the Wilder Kaiser in TirolTo visit the mountain doctor

That's how beautiful it is with the mountain doctor. Our colleague met Hans Sigl in Tyrol.
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Bergdoktor: The scenes of the TV hit

At the Wilden Kaiser in Tyrol, where the popular TV series is filmed, our colleague Susann Klos met actor Hans Sigl - a visit to the doctor's office and a personal consultation. Gruber were included!

The savage Emperor juts out into the cloudless sky, sunbeams dipping the landscape into a warm yellow. For a few minutes I admire the dreamscape between Kitzbühel and Kufstein, in which the ZDF series "Der Bergdoktor" with Hans Sigl in the leading role as Dr. med. Martin Gruber is born. The TV hit brings the film locations Ellmau, Sölln, Going and Scheffau visitor records. Even me grabs the view of the Alps panorama the "Bergdoktor" fever. Nothing like in the hiking boots!

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I'm going to the tennis hall at the Kaiserbad in Ellmau - at first glance nothing more than an inconspicuous concrete building. During the filming, the hall is transformed into an intensive care unit, with medicine shelves, hospital beds, x-ray machines - all props! I stroll to the Ellmauer district Faistenbichl. There, on the farm Hinterschnabel, the TV doctor has his practice. In fact, it is the empty house of the mayor. On the desk of the TV doctor stacked fan mail, decorated with little hearts letters addressed to " the mountain doctor , Ellmau ".

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After a short breather on the treatment couch, I am drawn to the Gruberhof on the Söller Bromberg. If not the "Bergdoktor" family lives here, the farm is called Köpfing and belongs to a family from Söll, who also manages it. On the terrace, I enjoy a juice and meet the "doctor", because after actor Hans Sigl has personally welcomed more than 850 fans at the "Bergdoktor" fan day, he takes time for a chat with me. The Wilde Kaiser is not just a job for him, he also feels privately connected with nature and the people here - and that is precisely what we feel for TV viewers.

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The highlight of the "Bergdoktor" Weeks (dates at, where you can visit the locations and learn exciting things about the series, is the fan day at the church square in Going.

In Ellmau the house of Dr. Ing. Gruber in which the practice is located. Since 2008, Hans Sigl (46) plays the role of Dr. Ing. Martin Gruber. Our colleague Susann Klos chatted with him on the sun terrace of the Gruberhof in Söll.

Are you often greeted with "Hello, Mr. Bergdoktor"?

"Sure, that happens often, but fortunately I'm never asked seriously for medical advice."

And what about your medical expertise?

"In the last few years, there has certainly been a bit stuck, but much more has shaped me the time in which I have done my civil service as a carer."

Do you have a favorite series?

"I watch a lot of TV, but I rarely get stuck, most recently watching the US series Breaking Bad through the fifth season."

Do you answer your fan mail personally?

"Yes - because I find it remarkable that people still take time to write letters by hand - I like to send them a nice greeting."

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