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This is how it works: beautify old glass vases with chalk paint

We decorated the old glass vases with pretty colors, perfect for spring and summer
Photo: deco & style

Do not sort out old glass vases!

Old glass vases we pimp in pastel with chalk colors. The result is beautiful deco objects that we simply can not do without in the spring.

That's what they need for the glass vases:

  • Glass vases (flea market)
  • Glass pot (about 5 €, depot)
  • AMAZONA chalk color mandarin no.11
  • AMAZONA chalk color Citron no.12
  • AMAZONA Chalk PaintMarrakesh No.19
  • AMAZONA chalk paintEvergreen Nr.20 (0, 75 L, 29, 90 €,
  • brush

And that's how easy it is:

1. Clean the glass vases so that they are free of grease.

2. Apply the chalk paint with a brush of the desired color and let it dry.

3. Fill vases with water and fill with flowers.

Prop: table: large side table, yellow, 69 €,, armchair: natural, 73 x 65 x 64 cm, seat height: 38 cm, 329 €,, tray: approx € 8, depot, bowl: porcelain, marbled, handmade, 29 €,

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