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Come on with the beach outfit! Cool accessories for the day by the sea

Patterned chiffon plays around the body with ease. Beach dress, about 70 euros
Photo: Ulla Popken

The most beautiful companions for the beach

The summer vacation is booked, the new bikini is selected. But for the perfect day on the beach are still missing helpful accessories, such as beach bag, sunglasses, sun hat and Co.

Not only the swimsuit or bikini make a beach outfit . Only the small and large accessories make the look on the beach around. This includes such chic and useful parts, such as sunglasses, but also sun hats, beach bags, pareos and Co. Here are our favorites for the perfect day by the sea. A nice holiday!

Lightweight hats for too much sunshine not only look pretty on the beach look, they also serve a purpose, donate shadows and protect the eyes and face from too much sun. A good alternative to sunglasses, which can sometimes interfere with heat on the nose. If you prefer sporty, you can also use the classic Cap or Visor, but we find it feminine with hats with XXL brim.

Sunglasses are the indispensable accessory on the beach. Why? Not only because they protect the eyes of course, that's clear. They also have a real beauty effect. Because without glasses we pinch our eyes in the sun. This happens automatically and unconsciously. But this causes small wrinkles on the eyes. If this happens too often, at the end of a great holiday you have white mini-stripes outside the eyes, namely exactly where the sun did not get. So: sunglasses on!

For the day by the sea there should be a large beach bag as a companion. Is also logical, after all book, towel, camera and Co. want to be safe and well stowed. For us: the more colorful, the more beautiful. Cheerful patterns and colors make you want to beach, because you almost have the smell of sunscreen in the nose. But we also like natural models made of straw, raffia or linen.

A beautiful and stylish headgear is also bandeau cloths or hair bands that hold the hair out of the face. Especially for women with pony, these are suitable, because nothing is stupider than a white forehead to otherwise brown complexion. For all others, they are also a great alternative to the sun hat, to keep the long hair under control by wind on the beach.

Quickly get a cold drink at the beach bar? For those who find themselves naked on their way to a bikini, little helpers such as pareos, shorts or a light beach dress are the ideal companions. Quickly thrown over, they hide the figure a little depending on the body part and make you look even more attracted. Women who generally feel insecure on the beach can alternatively tie a light cloth around their hips.

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