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With tassels: Simply decorate vases

The beautiful tassels simply enhance vases.
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Nostalgic eye-catcher

With tassels you can beautify not only curtain holders, but also simple vases. We show you how easy it is!

That's what you need for the tassels:

  • Wooden ball (craft shop)
  • Wood drill (Bosch)
  • Yarn in Bordeaux and Metallic Pink (Anchor, Coats)
  • Cardboard about twice as long as the desired tassel length
  • Cloth scissors (department store)
  • needle
  • Pearls ( Bead cap floral ornament 30x12mm, color: silver gray, shape: ornament, size: 30 x 12 mm

And that's how easy it is:

1. Pierce the wood ball with a 10ner wood drill.

2. Wind the yarn around a cardboard, the cardboard must be about twice as long as the desired tassel length afterwards.

3. Remove the yarn from the cardboard and thread it through the wooden ball.

4. Cut open the loops.

5. Pull one half of the cut loops over the wooden ball, gather all yarn threads under the ball and fix with a thread under the ball.

6. From below thread a thread with a knotted bead / ball through the wooden ball. So the tape can be fixed. Without the ball, the thread would be pulled through.

7. Thread the beads and fix them with a knot.

8. Tie tassels to a vase with a deco ribbon.

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