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Storage space part 2!

The closet doors can hardly be closed anymore? Then mucking is announced ...

Constanzes (Wohn) column

Now, men and women worship each other differently, but today I just lump all the peculiarities, let me forgive:

The bed. Often unmade, the windows closed. The pillows, lying out, at one point, the first feathers stretch out their heads. What does it look like underneath? AWAY WITH IT! In a single-shack I often find only 1 (!) Bedding set - and it should change the single state yet! So, new sheets - but in a double pack please! When HE comes, his cookie is prepared! A bedspread is missing or crumpled under the bed. Of course she is dusty when I pull her out. So: WASH and hang up! If we cover the most intimate place in the house, we invest 30 seconds, but we win a beautiful, aesthetic sight! Often also big fabrics, bought in the SALE!

What's this? The closet doors can barely be closed! "Yes, I should urgently ...!" - "Muck? Yes, great, then start! NOW! "After a while, the cupboard can breathe again, the remaining wardrobe has been reduced, long-lost shirts can be found again! SPACE! Suddenly, even the clothes, which hung wild on another coat rack outside the closet, fits in the closet again! Now it's time to go away with the wire hangers, because even clothes have their pride! So with the wood! Everything now hangs together nicely! For the drawers we think of small subjects in which are sorted by topic: panties, belts, scarves! The things under the bed also land in the closet - now is only the box with discarded in the room around. We carry it to the car right away, because even today it is delivered to the clothing store (or to the church, to the Red Cross or to the friend who likes to make a flea market).

On the bedside table are tempos, oils, books, magazines. The oil has run out, the magazines are no longer up to date. The lamp decorates a screen that is dented. GO OUT! A beautiful light source invites you to read again! We also add a few candles - and a ghetto blaster, which stood in the basement. An SZ may like to be inspired by music, and to fall asleep there is chill-out music or even a radio play! "Mrs. Köpp, the vacuum cleaner, the ironing board, the flat iron, I ... .." - "Sure! But have you forgotten the storage space in the cabinet? Irons and hand vacuum cleaners end up in the closet! "The travel and sports bags, which suffocate between the wall and the wall unit, are disposed of or also find room in the closet, so the ironing board and clothes horse can be hidden there! On the wardrobe are filing folders and duvet covers, the .... Exactly, which anyway are no longer wanted! GO OUT! Are the covers iconic enough to make small cushions for the cot? Then off to the tailor around the corner! The folders end up in large boxes, preferably in the color of the cabinet or in linen or ... .. Now missing a nice picture on the wall, maybe a saying tattoo over the bed or a mirror that enlarges the room. The aluminum blinds are replaced by fabric blinds or bastrollos and the ceiling lamp is replaced by a chandelier or a white glass ball. The cactus on the window sill are deposited in the hallway as a gift. Spiny is banished! Maybe my clients are still painting some of their walls or papering them boldly in a daring wall gown! Within 2 hours, the room is again lovable and desirable!

Now please follow me to the nursery! Of course, here you can romp and live! A concentration camp is a small apartment, which covers so many needs! But as the demands of the little big ones change faster, they are often mucked out here. Together! What Hans does not learn, he never learns as Hans! Uniform cartons (paper market) are purchased for various topics: craft paper, pens, small items, cassettes, ....

A nursery needs color and good lighting. If we set accents, we paint colorful circles on the wall, if not immediately the whole wall should be painted. Carpet pieces on the wooden floor are important because children spend a lot of time on their knees. Reduce everything, re-arrange, the children should like to enter their room, feel comfortable, receive friends there, sleep and dream. A loft bed allows space underneath, for a den or for the desk. No money for new curtains? Color bed sheets and have them embroidered or work with stamping ink. .........

So, break! But only 7 days! Then we commit the last rooms - the balcony and the storage room. Maybe we'll take the office with us!

I am glad if you accompany me again!

Your Constanze *

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