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'Plus Size' has its day - when it comes to model Myla Dalbesio

Photo: Calvin Klein

Myla Dalbesio for Calvin Klein Underwear

Myla Dalbesio has dress size 40. According to the fashion industry, she is one of the plus-size models. Why weight in fashion should not matter anymore and how Calvin Klein is trying to do just that with his new campaign.

We remember: 22 years ago there was a hype about Calvin Klein underwear. The reason: Mark Wahlberg (then still a rapper) and Kate Moss . They looked sexy in it. And haggard. The campaign promptly set a trend: the "Waifs" with "heroin chic" were there, thin, childish, a bit unhealthy.

Almost a quarter of a century later, Calvin Klein shows underwear : The nineties may fashionably celebrate their comeback, but the lousy look à la Kate Moss remains (luckily) out. Fits to it: the new face of the laundry campaign 2014 - the 27-year-old Myla Dalbesio . She has dress size 40 and works officially as a plus-size model . For the "Perfectly Fit" line she stood in front of the camera of photographer Lachlan Bailey. A campaign that would be a real career coup for any model, but especially notable for Myla Dalbesio, who also made it into the model cast without Size 0 alongside Lara Stone, Jourdan Dunn and Ji Hye Park .

"It's funny, because I'm a big girl, " says Myla Dalbesio in an interview with the US-Elle. "I'm certainly not the heaviest model on the market, but definitely the hardest Calvin Klein has ever worked with, so it's intimidating." Further, she says she did not know what to expect from the shoot, especially in terms of "her dress size or figure." But luckily nothing else than what was demanded by her colleagues: Just a nice photo. "Nobody even batted an eye, " she says. "That was really cool."

A trend that prevails: More and more brands say goodbye to the same model stereotypes . So not only the occupation of a curvy model is a step in the direction, but also their appearance as a "normal" model. Beauty has dozens of pages, so even models should be a variety. Drawer thinking is out that Myla Dalbesio even works as a plus-size model, looks unreal at the sight of her laundry photos.

For Myla Dalbesio herself, who has struggled for years with crash diets, bulimia, and the abuse of drugs like Adderall, this job means a lot. "Calvin Klein does not say 'Whoa, look, we have a plus size girl in our campaign' with this campaign, I can be seen in the photos next to the other models, there is no difference, there is no line for plus Size Girls, "says Dalbesio. Plus size is not a trend. It's about celebrating the full spectrum of beauty. We like to celebrate with you.

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