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Woman is blinded by cat saliva

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  1. Cat saliva can be dangerous
  2. 40 percent of cats are carriers of the bacteria
  3. Woman remains blind

Cat saliva can be dangerous

A woman cuddles with her cat every day, but one morning she wakes up - and is blind in one eye. The reason is hard to believe ...

Janese Walters loves her cat and cuddles with her regularly - with fatal consequences. Because, what the woman from Ohio does not know: Your cat carries a bacterium in itself, which does not matter to the cat, but can be dangerous for humans.

Suddenly blind in one eye, with this diagnosis comes Janese Walters desperate to her doctor. But he can not explain the sudden blindness of his patient. Only when he learns that Walter's owner is a cat, click it. The result of the investigation: She suffers from the so-called cat scratch disease.

40 percent of cats are carriers of the bacteria

This is transmitted by a bacterium, which cavort in the saliva of the cat. For example, if a cat licks her owner's hand and there is a small scratch, the bacterium can enter the bloodstream. A weakened immune system can cause a reaction. Dr. Kris Brickman of the University of Toledo knows it better: "This disease can affect the eyes, the bacterium softens the blood vessels and causes problems." The doctor also told WTOL: "It can also cause problems with the liver, and if the bacterium migrates into the spinal cord, it can lead to meningitis." Remedy creates a stricter hand hygiene.

Woman remains blind

Janese Walters does not help this realization any more, she remains blind in one eye. Her cat still loves the American girl and will never give it away, only in the future she will be very careful to wash her hands after she is scratched. About her blindness, she says: "There are many things that you have to do differently now, I'm just glad that the other eye is not affected."

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