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Beauty trend Artificial freckles: This is the hallmark of all this tattooing

Freckles as a beauty trend? Yes, indeed! There are people who get tattooed on freckles.

Many people are now tattooing freckles
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"I do not like my freckles, " this phrase is heard so often by women. For many women freckles are a blemish and they are glad when the pigment spots disappear in winter. It's hard to believe that there are women who are freckled to freckle freckles.

What is behind the artificial freckles?

With the freckles it is like many other things too. If you have them, you may not like them. But if you do not have them, you want them. Therefore, many women like to be a bit "spotted". Sometimes women also hope to look fresher or more youthful through the freckles.

Similar to microblading, the color is brought as naturally as possible under the skin. This is a brown shade that is also used for the pigmentation of eyebrows. So the color of natural freckles should be imitated. In any case, when freckles ran a tattoo artist, who really has experience with it, because of course to distribute freckles in the face and to individualize in shape and size is not easy!

This is how artificial freckles look like:

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