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Strategies for more charisma

To attract attention, to win people over, to succeed with sovereign ease - you can learn that! We'll introduce you to ten strategies that give you more aura straight away.

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The magic of charisma

You could become jealous. There are women who fill the room before they even come through the door. Attract everyone's attention. Her smile enchanted. And as soon as they say the first sentence, the whole hall hangs on their lips. What a wow performance! How do they do that? And what do you have, what we do not have? Charisma called the ancient Greeks the magic of charisma and attraction that opens not only hearts - but also doors!

In a study carried out by the Düsseldorf-based CRF institute, nine out of ten companies declared that charisma is the number one recruitment criterion - in other words, communication skills, practical experience or a sensational degree. If you can charm, you can make contacts more easily and be judged more competent. Get more recognition. Is more successful at work and in private life, and flirting and in love anyway. If you look closely, you will notice it: Charismatic people shine in three disciplines - serenity, confidence and joie de vivre.

The good news: It's easy to train, with all that goes with it, like charm, humor, liveliness, inner peace. We'll show you the top ten training strategies to put your personality in the limelight and easily win hearts!

Create yourself a good mood depot for every day!

It does not always have to be Sunday, so you can start the day happy! Take a look around - even in the middle of the week. "Get up half an hour earlier and do what's good for you, " advises personality trainer and charisma expert Claudia E. Enkelmann.

Loll and stretch yourself for a few minutes in bed. Take a shower in peace. Froth milk for a morning cappuccino, have breakfast extensively or read the newspaper in peace. And then: slip into a queens outfit and make yourself beautiful for the day. You want to be a radiant eye-catcher! And on the way to the job you do not think about the ten thousand e-mails that you have to answer immediately.

Think about what you can look forward to today. You will notice: because you start to smile inside, you get a smile back - and your charisma automatically changes positively.

Give your attention!

A sympathetic person is much easier to win over comrades for his ideas and projects. But what makes you sympathetic, lovable, attractive? When one behaves openly, turns to others, shows a genuine interest in one's fellow man.

"Take the first step and openly approach others, even if that is difficult at first, " says psychologist Enkelmann. Make compliments! Address colleagues, salespeople, kindergarten nursery teachers or postmen by name. People like to hear that, that makes you irresistible.

Use every day to speak to at least one stranger. At the bus stop, in the department store, in the café, wherever you are - there are opportunities everywhere to engage others in conversation. That's not so difficult: "Just ask a lot of questions, show yourself interested, listen, smalltalk you. The more often you do that, the easier it will be in the future. "

Train your humor muscle!

Who makes people laugh, can also move their hearts. Very charismatic people often do it within 90 seconds, studies have shown - and this is incredibly helpful: humor takes distance, breaks the ice and hits directly into the sympathy center of the audience. When you spray joke, you spread positive energy. When you laugh with people, you automatically make a positive impression.

Tip: Watch your environment! Who makes other people laugh at a party, in a conference or at an awards ceremony on TV? And how? Who is the focus and what is it? Then think again: how was it when you last had the laugh on your side? What can you do to repeat that more often? "If someone has told a good joke - remember and tell!" Advises the charismatic trainer.

"And above all, do not take yourself so seriously and use small mistakes that happen to you as the basis for funny stories." By the way, this also takes the wind out of the sails of others, who want to be mischievous because they once kicked their pants are or did clumsily.

A praise opens 1, 000 doors!

Appreciation is like sunshine for the soul. Who is praised for what he does, feels valuable and strengthened in his ego. Therefore, praise is also the most powerful tool to win over other people. "Make the praise a habit, you invite other positive, that makes you sexy and attractive, " recommends the personality trainer. Praise your family members, your boss and colleagues and other people on every occasion!

Do it honestly - and do a little exaggeration, because every compliment is weaker in others, especially women. With sentences like, "It's really very impressive how you ...", "That was very forward-looking of you, that you ...", "I like the way you do ...", "I'm glad I'm on your team am ... ", " I appreciate your support in ... ".

Because all people enjoy recognition, thanks are just as effective. "Thank your fellow human beings for the little things you get. That makes fellow human beings repeaters! "

Modulate your voice!

How you say something is as important as what you say. Does your voice sound full and well-toned? Or rather squeaky and quiet? The shriller and higher a voice sounds, the less intelligent and competent the speaker is estimated. A study by the "Voice Network" found that candidates with a harmonious, warm voice are preferred to those who sound less good.

In the end you will not only get the better jobs, but also more salary. Do you want to hear how you sound yourself? Then ask friends to have a conversation with you. Listen and pay attention: How does your voice change if you agree, want to convince someone or reject something? When you get angry or laugh? High? Too fast? Or pleasantly soft and deep? Do you hear joie de vivre or do you sound rather disillusioned? Ask the others how they feel about your voice. Improve the sound of your voice!

Exercise 1: Imagine a mirror in the morning. Breathe in, and then speak these letters aloud one after the other as long as you hold your breath: "I - E - A - O - U." This activates the circulation in the head, neck and chest and in the upper and lower abdomen and gives your voice more expression. Do it three times. Afterwards: humming with closed lips "MMMMM", do it three times, each time with more force. You can also do the exercises in the shower or in the car. Helpful are also voice training CDs.

Exercise 2: Exercise, speak slowly. Read a text from a book or magazine. Only in your normal voice. Then very slowly and loudly. Take breaks of at least three seconds. Remember the difference? What you learn, you automatically transfer to other speech situations. A perfect way to work on vocal sound is to read stories to children.

Speak effectively!

Nothing is as charismatic as a person who can speak well - "and there is no way you can climb the ladder more safely than speaking, speaking and lecturing, " says the expert. You can practice that everywhere. In the team meeting, at the family celebration of Grandma's birthday, at the anniversary and in the sports club - and especially when you have to make a presentation.

The most important rules of rhetoric training: Do not start until all eyes are on you. Use short sentences. Repeat what is important. Take a break afterwards. Address your counterpart by name. Emphasize similarities. Talk in pictures.

Include quotes or little stories. Memorize the beginning and end of your speech so that you can watch your audience relaxed. Get to the point - after ten minutes at the latest, your listeners will become increasingly tired.

Show the body language of a winner!

Whether you sit, stand, talk or be silent - and whether you want it or not, your body sends out signals that people react to. He tells you how you feel. Confident or insecure? Interested or annoyed? Confident or doubtful? It takes less than a tenth of a second for people to decide whether to find them sympathetic or unsympathetic. Trustworthy. Terrifying. Exciting or boring.

"Winner types have an impressive body language: they stand firmly on the ground, they walk upright in soft, flowing movements, they show their hands, have a firm handshake, relaxed shoulders and a calm look, " explains the expert Claudia E. Enkelmann. The best way to practice this is:

Tip 1 Slow is sexy!

Turn on slow motion mode and slow down your movements. Not only does this take away a lot from your own hustle and bustle and literally "calm you down", it also has a calming effect on your environment. Start by getting up in the morning. Move consciously while brushing your teeth, applying make-up, dressing. Do one at a time, nothing at the same time. Whenever there is a feeling of hectic rush and stress during the day, you slow yourself down, slow down your movements, step back inside and watch yourself.

Tip 2 Stand like a German oak!

When you talk at the coffee machine, at the counter at the butcher, when talking in front of the desk of your boss - you practice a firm footing. Most people find themselves very casual when they crouched like a question mark on one leg. "But it is much more impressive if you can stand firmly anchored for three minutes, " explains Claudia E. Enkelmann, "which shows that you have a point of view."

Tip 3 hands up!

On your hands you can read how alive you really are. Ever noticed? If someone speaks enthusiastically, but hides his hands somewhere below the waist, what he says is not really believable and contagious. His speech comes as a blank letter of intent. Therefore: take up your hands. About the waistline. The higher your hands, the more positive you will look.

Tip 4 Radiate calm!

A truly charismatic person will never look as if he's digging or sweating. Companies meeting? PTA meeting? Supermarket snake? No matter - wherever people can see you, is the perfect playground to practice. "Ease lightness, avoid being strained, hectic, and nervous, practice firm handshake, and befriend others in conversation, " advises the charisma expert. "The more often you train this in everyday situations, the easier it will be for you."

Show that you are proud of yourself!

The happier you are with yourself, the more you radiate. Therefore, do not complain so much about yourself, forget the kilo too much on the scale or the job that you have recently failed even times. Be proud of yourself! Honestly, you've done a lot well in life, right?

So: what are you doing especially well? What are you praised for. What do others like about you? What compliments do you get? What can you be excited about? What were your highlights in life? What would you do if nothing and nobody would stop you? Feel pure in your pride, that makes you attractive and sexy - and attracts other people in the spell. Incidentally, this includes being proud of your name.

"If you imagine - whether at a party or in business: name your first and last name, " advises the Charisma coach. And watch out! A quiet and mumbling pronounced name signals: I feel small and insignificant. "Make your name clear, loud and slow. Then people can remember it too. "

Do you have the courage to make mistakes!

Stop your desire to be perfect! It could complain to someone at the party, if he stands too long without a drink. The boss could expect you to read his mind to find out what he might need. Stop that! You will not get more love or appreciation if you are perfect. At most more work.

On the other hand, small mistakes make you sympathetic. How much do we like people who seem perfect? They are not sympathetic to us, because we quickly feel inferior to you. And: Impeccable people really challenge the environment to look for any mistakes they may not have.

Practice the art of asserting yourself softly!

Charming people do not insist on their right. They do not try to enforce their wishes. They work with friendly tenacity - that causes true miracles. "Women want to hear a yes immediately, if they express a desire, and then react bitchy, if they do not get it, " warns Claudia E. Enkelmann.

"The trick is to turn the no into a maybe and then a yes. Use sophistication. "Your boss just does not come by itself that you could spend a few days off? The colleague may not help you with the list creation? The plumber just does not want to come by this week to fix the shower? Never mind, help. Say, "Please help me."

Combine your request with a smile. Specifically, say what you want, with a short sentence, "Would you release me tomorrow?" Then be quiet for ten seconds, even if it's hard, giving the other time to weigh his decision. Then you kindly conclude: "That would really be important to me." You will see: Nobody can resist their magic. Try it!

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