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Are we still friends?

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  1. What to do in case of secret betrayal, spatial distance, ..
  2. disclosure of secrets
  3. Spatial distance
  4. differences
  5. Other priorities

What to do in case of secret betrayal, spatial distance, ..

With some people we go through thick and thin, because they are so close to us. However, we only meet some "friends" out of a sense of duty, because the connectedness was severely disturbed.

Friendships are a give and take . "If something goes wrong, then we take stock internally, " said psychotherapist Wolfgang Krüger, author of the book "How to win friends for life . " If we feel exploited, because we may always have an open ear for the problems of the girlfriend, but she shows no interest in our, the proximity decreases. "We rarely quit a friendship, rather we push them to a back rank." Of course, there are friendships we should fight for when it gets worse. Because we feel a deep connection to this person. Have experienced problems together and know that we can rely on him. Because we enrich common interests. Friendships with substance should be tried with a clarifying word "thaw" try, if it once radio silence or ice age prevail.

disclosure of secrets

Trust is the nuts and bolts of a friendship. It is all the worse when the girlfriend tells a secret - because that not only offends us now, but also often means that we do not trust her in the future any more. So - go? Yes, it's the kind of rumgeschatschten secret on. If it is harmless, you should forgive.

Spatial distance

"When you change city, there are often only friendships, " says Krüger. Those who have grown for years, who are really based on soulmates . The expert: "Regular mails and calls are then important to let each other participate in everyday life."


Krüger: "In friendships, there must be a consensus about what is important in life, and only then does one really understand one another." If the "intersection" gets smaller and smaller over time, it's not worth sticking to the relationship.

Other priorities

Sometimes an exciting TV series is actually more important than the actually pending phone call with the girlfriend. Maybe because she always just dumps her soul waste with us? Only telling oneself, instead of listening? Are we still friends? If we often set other priorities, there is a reason - which should be addressed.

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