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Semino Rossi: Now I say everything!

After the bad rumors about his marriage

Fame also has its downsides. Semino Rossi (49) had to feel bitter in the past few weeks. Evil rumors circulated - about his health and about his marriage with his wife Gabi (48). In the interview, the singer cleans up. "Now I say everything!", He explains.

It is said that you and Gabi are no longer happy. There is even talk of a marriage to a third. Do not you love your wife anymore? Semino Rossi : And how I love Gabi, you can believe me. These rumors are nasty blows below the belt. That is disrespectful to my wife. Between you and Veronika, the widow of your dead friend Nika, it should have sparked ... Semino Rossi: Incredible! I just wanted to give Veronika strength and show that life can continue even after such a serious loss. That must be very hurtful - for you, for your wife and your daughters. Semino Rossi : My daughters were appalled by these bad rumors. A lot. Tears have flowed too. Your health has also been speculated. After all, nothing had been heard from you for weeks. Semino Rossi: I had problems with my voice. A virus. The doctor had ordered me to take a break. That's why I had to cancel some concerts and stay at home. Good health is important ... Semino Rossi: Let me say that I'm not a superman. Semino Rossi can get sick and have problems like everyone else. After all, I am a human, not a machine. What did you do over time? Semino Rossi: I read, worked at home in the garden and cooked with Gabi. I really enjoyed that. But now I am glad that I am well again. Are you ready for a new tour? Semino Rossi: Yes. Next year I give 57 concerts in seven countries. I hope people are looking forward to it.